“If it’s ONLY about weight loss, it will ALWAYS be about weight loss.”

Nan Jenkins

Founder of Breakthrough M2

Breakthrough M2/Alula founder Nan Jenkins lives in Lee County, Florida.


Our Mission

Breakthrough M2 provides its Members with the best weight loss supplements, accountability coaching, and support.

We inspire our Members to take control of the scale, their weight, their health, and their lives!


Our Vision

We provide the tools and support necessary for any willing and able person to discover and define their own personal truth of wellness through profound weight loss. The path we invite them to take is built on our unique weight loss to wellness experiences, which embraces mind, body, and spirit. Together we walk that path, never avoiding firm honesty and never forgetting compassion, heart, and the simple messages that call us inward.  We believe the journey toward total wellness is fun, evident, and achievable for everyone.


Our Values



Make a Difference



Continuous Upleveling


Productive Communication

The Story Behind the Name

When we set out to find a name for our company, we looked for a word that would reflect the vision and personality of what we were and hoped to be. There are so many similar brands in the health and wellness industry. We know, we’ve been customers of many ourselves. But we’ve always had a bit of rebel in us and we feel our clients relate to that. By the time they come to us, like our founder Nan, they know “if feathers don’t ruffle nothing flies.”

The word alula is defined as the specialized feathers under a wing that allow a bird to fly higher, turn and transition more smoothly. This sounded right for us, sounded like our own vision, which is to help men and women reach higher potentials in their lives. This is why we took this word as our name, because you deserve to spread your wings, and because you are capable of spreading your wings rising to new heights and because we promise to give you all that we have to help you accomplish that.

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