Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss, Medications, and their Side Effects

Weight loss with Breakthrough M2, medications and their side effects are an important topic for all of us, so I wanted to address it in this month’s blog. Whether you or someone you love is using a pharmaceutical drug(s), it is important to understand the ramifications of weight loss while using medications and why a person experiences side effects from their medications.

Let’s start with root causes which lead to symptoms and then those symptoms lead you to your doctor.  Usually, your doctor will recommend some lifestyle and diet changes and then after the examination, he or she prescribes medications to help alleviate your symptoms.

Let’s take high blood pressure for an example.  When you begin taking the medication, your blood pressure goes down.  You didn’t do anything different in your lifestyle, it went down due to chemical and biological manipulation by that foreign drug introduced into your body.  Was the root cause of your high blood pressure cured by taking that drug? NO, so if you agree please read on…

What was the root cause or causes of the high blood pressure? Could you have multiple reasons for this imbalance?  The answer is YES.

If you look at our food supply there are 100’s of food additives that cause high blood pressure. Four of the most common are High fructose corn syrup,  Sodium Nitrates, phosphates, and MSG  These ingredients are found in common foods and beverages like yogurt, cereal, granola, condiments, crackers, soda, juices, specialty meats, dried meats, potato chips, frozen dinners, cold cuts, gravies, ranch dressing, salty flavored snacks, chocolate with sugar, processed cheese, and soft cheeses.

And what about the foods that we commonly eat?  Could those also cause high blood pressure? Of course, and here is a small list, but deli meat, pickles, canned soups, and red meat (corn fed) are among them. (Here is an article to check out a bigger list)

What about inflammation?  Does that cause high blood pressure?  Yes, it does.  According to WebMD, not only do people with higher CRP levels (the inflammation marker – C reactor protein) have higher blood pressure, but women will have a higher risk of cardiovascular issues as well when their CRP markers are high.

What if someone isn’t drinking enough water?  Could that be causing their blood pressure to go up?  Yes.  Proper water drinking is one the best things we can do to bring balance to the body and help regulate blood pressure.

And lastly, what if a person is taking multiple pharmaceutical drugs?  Could the synergy of this chemical cocktail or another medication itself cause high blood pressure?  YES, so besides being overweight, there are quite possibly multiple reasons for high blood pressure.

Let’s look at how the Breakthrough M2 weight loss program and supplements could help with root causes.

  • Our approved foods eliminate all foods from the above list that could contribute to high blood pressure.
  • We eliminate all food additives by making sure you are using minimally packaged food. If it is packaged in some form, the approved foods need to be organic or all-natural ingredients with no sugar.
  • These same additives and food categories that are being eliminated also tend to cause inflammation, which now has the chance to be lowered just by adding in healthy habits and removing certain foods and harmful food additives.
  • Our clients are eating almost 100% whole unprocessed food.
  • This program helps eliminate the five highest allergen foods (almost 100%) which are eggs, gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy.
  • Our clients must drink half their body weight in ounces of water daily, and cut down on caffeine which will also help lower blood pressure.
  • And, the Breakthrough M2 weight loss supplements have three fat metabolizing ingredients which help stimulate fat detox and usage which results in weight loss which is, of course, another root cause of high blood pressure.

Can you see that just by following our rules and eating from our food lists, could help lower your blood pressure even in the first week?  Since you literally removed five possible root causes of high blood pressure, is it possible that you might not need as much (if any) medication?  The answer is obviously yes.

So, what happens if a person is taking a medication that is artificially suppressing their blood pressure but their blood pressure is now normal on its own? What if the dosage should have been lowered as the root causes were being addressed? That person will experience side effects from those drugs because side effects occur when someone is taking too much or many times an unnecessary medication.

What if you have been taking medications for many years. Where does all that medication go? Some of it is metabolized and some are stored in the fat. There are many studies and articles on the subject and here are two articles pertaining to this subject. “Are your old medications stored in your fat?”  and “Evidence of drug storage in adipose fat.”

With that understanding, the question now becomes: when we have a need to burn fat, which is laden with medication, what does the body do with the stored drugs in that fat?  The evidence (and what our clients have reported and experienced) points to the body releasing those drugs into the bloodstream.  Since that is the case, let’s think about the person who is also taking the medication/drugs orally. Isn’t it possible that the person has too high of a dosage from the two pathways (fat excretion and oral usage)?  Yes, and when I read these articles above, it made sense.  This is exactly what our clients have reported. And for those who have contacted their physicians to help them safely lower their dosages, within 24-48 hours of their dosage adjustment, they had improvements in their energy levels and alleviation of the medication side effects.

So many people say to us that they were on blood pressure medication (or other meds) when they weighed less so they are not going to get dosage levels checked until they reach a much lower weight.  Please remember though, weight might not have been the catalyst /root cause of the high blood pressure, so yes, that is why we highly recommend that you get your meds checked by 10-15 pounds weight loss.  If your numbers are within range, please have the conversation with your doctor.  You must be your own advocate and communicate clearly to him or her as to what symptoms you are feeling and more importantly all the changes you have made so that it makes sense to them as to why you are wanting or needing to make changes with your medications.

PLEASE NOTE: this information could apply to any medication.  There many meds that do not go by weight loss and dosage like thyroid medication.  Weight is not the root cause of thyroid issues, but if you started addressing some of the root causes that did trigger a thyroid issue, then it makes sense that the body would begin healing itself and the need for the medication to help balance the thyroid would be reduced.

The last thing we often hear is how people have not experienced side effects from their meds like this when they did other weight loss programs.  Bottom line:  most other programs include bars, shakes, processed foods, no elimination of harmful or manipulative ingredients, and don’t focus on eating whole food and healthy water drinking.  They are also not using supplements that support the detox organs and fat metabolizing and not losing weight as efficiently. We are different and we are proud of that because we are helping you on a journey that will make you healthier in body, mind, and spirit.

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