In honor of our Recognition Celebration 2017, my topic this month is celebrating. This will add to our theme of Self-Love because you need to realize that you are amazing and CELEBRATE!!!  One way to do this is to “catch yourself being good.” When we do something great or even good, it is our duty to ourselves to remember that our hearts are in the right place and our intentions are positive. We might not always do everything right, but we are good people and must remember that! So, celebrate when you accomplish something – even if its small.

As we all know, adults (especially those with children) have a lot on their plate. Many times, we get into eating habits and physically unsupportive routines out of pure survival. You came to Breakthrough M2 to rein things in, get control, and get a clean slate. You are doing this program with really strict guidelines and you are voluntarily moving into a tiny (diet) house for a little while! You are doing this because you know that the structure is something you need and want to help you get back to having self-control and feeling disciplined. Here’s the thing too, you intuitively know you deserve more, you know you are worth it, and to help solidify your intuition, you need to CELEBRATE!

It is really important to catch yourself being good! We do this for our children but never ourselves. We need to remind ourselves about our intentions. Things might not always go the way we wished, but our intentions are pure and on the right track. (If they aren’t, ask why without self judgement.) Instead of always looking at things through the eyes of “well, I’m supposed to be doing that…” look at it as no one is forcing me to do anything, I’m choosing to do the right thing because I want to…we all know people who choose not to do the right thing when they very well could. So, that is why I say CELEBRATE!!! You are not prideful and arrogant because you see the good in yourself and how you help others. You are to be proud of who you are, who you want to become, and what you have accomplished.

Your anchors are a reminder for you to celebrate. (If you do not have the anchors or know what I’m talking about, email heather@breakthroughm2.com and ask her to send you the anchors – include your name and mailing address.)Your inhaler and wrist band can be used for exactly that! Celebration doesn’t have to mean reward yourself with something materialistic. Make it as simple as snapping your wrist band that you got from the seminar and telling yourself that you are proud of yourself. Write in your journal every night. List some of your accomplishments from the day think about a few things you can be thankful for. Whether it’s the fact that you finished all your water, or you said no to a cupcake at work. Acknowledge yourself and the steps you took that were supportive and kept you pointed in the direction of your goal!

Gameify this journey. What does that mean? Keep track of your accomplishments and when you reach a certain point level, get a manicure or a pedicure (guys that could mean you too, all your hard work means your hands, heels, and toes probably need a good sanding down!)

Part of noticing the things you do well is a very important key to another idea! If you start recognizing the things that you do well, you will start seeing some of your strengths…And this is a big idea. Why, you ask? When you start seeing your strengths, it opens new doors for you. Maybe, it will help your confidence to go for a different position at your job or maybe you will see how that strength could be of use at a place that needs volunteers. The point is this: knowing your strengths will lead you to a fulfilling place that you are internally craving. Everyone has strengths naturally, whether that strength was developed out of necessity, adversity, or just a natural God-given talent, your soul wants that strength to be used not only to help satisfy something in you but also to help someone else!

I know some might think that celebrating self-accomplishments might sound silly because again, we are adults and shouldn’t we doing some of this stuff anyway? Maybe, but honestly, if thinking differently is all it takes to begin walking in another direction and reaping different results from your thought life then DO IT!

You are worth it!

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