Doubt…use it to your Advantage

Let Doubt be an opportunity to grow and expand, not shrink back in fear or despair.

So, if you have been reading my blogs you know that I am a believer of rooting out core reasons for why we do what we do.  If you are doing our Breakthrough M2 Weight loss program, it is absolutely essential to work on changing your lifestyle and energy patterns (I’ll explain this in a minute).  If you do not, you will return to your old lifestyle, habits, and decision-making patterns, which will bring you back to the body you started with and here we go again.  Changing your belief systems is the key to permanent weight loss and success!!  But how do you identify your belief systems if they are so natural, so innate, you do not even realize you are doing something, thinking a certain way, or reacting in a specific pattern?

One of the best tools I want my clients to use is their episodes of anger.  This emotion is a terrific tool in helping you see unhealthy belief systems which are continually fueling your actions and reactions or habits that just won’t quit.  How does this work?

When you get angry at someone or they get angry at you, it is NEVER about the circumstance that started the argument.  I stand by that statement 100% of the time.  People may think it’s about the story, but it never is. Anger is easy to see, so when you are done being angry immediately ask yourself why you were angry, and you will be led straight to a negative belief that you have about yourself.  Here is a worksheet to help you with this:  The 7 Levels of Deep Exercise can be used for anything

Recently I had a personal encounter with doubt.  I used the worksheet above and realized that the emotion of doubt also led me to the discovery of negative beliefs I had about who I am versus who I think I am.  I am capable, I am strong, I am a warrior.  But my thoughts were more like “You’ll never finish, You are a wimp, You want to hide under the desk like Henry Winkler in Water Boy, LOL!”  So, when you want to quit or say “that’s good enough” recognize this type of thought as a huge red flag.  This belief system is like a wall that you just came upon and you have to choose what to do about it.  Are you going to quit or are you going to find a way to get past the wall?  FYI: This is not just weight loss related. It could be any habit you want to change.

What about those times when you are questioning yourself and your ability?  This type of self-doubt and lack of self-confidence comes up often for people.  By doing a little examination and asking the right questions, you can drill down to exactly why you think you are not capable.  So, ask why you have anxiety, examine the details of what you are trying to do or who asked you to do it.  Think about where your thoughts were before you took on the project or the responsibility.  Think back about other similar situations and ask what they have in common.

Pertaining to your journey on the Breakthrough M2 diet, what if you wanted to cheat or you say at a party or an event “I’ll just have one small…” then you know you should stop and question the situation and question why you are ok with cheating on your goal, yourself, and your WHY for doing the program in the first place.  This is directly correlated with a lack of self-love.

I was reading The Awakening Guide by Bonnie Greenwell, and she raised the following idea:  “When our behavior falters, or we find ourselves in an old unsettling pattern, we may begin to doubt our own worthiness. This is an opportunity to uncover hidden and unawake patterns of identity that need to be brought into consciousness, questioned and released.  Are these thoughts actually true, or are they simply old assumptions based on conditioning?”

Isn’t that interesting?  So how do we change those old assumptions and the conditioning that has happened to all of us throughout our lifetime? We direct more energy back toward us on a daily basis.  We use some of the time we have to say those affirmations, set our intentions so we meet our own goals, meditate, and do it all with love and gratitude.  Energy patterns are a very important piece of the puzzle.  If you think about all your energy (mental, physical, emotional, financial) and the direction it goes, how much is spent on other people and how much is spent on you?  If you answered 95% out and 5% in, you are the typical American.  Your energy pattern needs to be more balanced.  Spending time focusing on your needs, cultivating new thoughts that help you become the person you know you already are, and spending time setting intentions are all ways of self-love and adjusting the direction of that energy flow.

So, take the time for you and do not be hard on yourself when you get angry or have doubt.  Use them as opportunities to grow and evolve!

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  1. Kevin Downs says

    Hello my name Is Kevin and Im so excited in starting this breakthrough m2 diet Im always HERE if anyone wants to text or chat. good luck to everyone on this blog…

    • Nanette DeGroat says

      Hi Kevin! Our Facebook page is all about this kind of support that you offered above and that is where you will see the most interaction with our clients! I invite you to join the group. Search out Team Breakthrough M2 and we will add you.