Emotion issues = Weight issues

Being overweight is clearly not fun. And, for those of you that have said enough and have made the commitment to allow the real you to emerge, the road to being healthy, lean, and fit is not always the easiest of journeys.  The good news is that the Breakthrough M2 program creates a structure that is both easy to follow and provides the vehicle to finally achieve the results you desire. However… the biggest misconception is that eating the right foods and getting some exercise is the solution to the problem.  Although it is a critical component, the real solution is to discover and correct the reasons you became overweight, to begin with.

Were you tired? Stressed? Sad? Angry? Hurt? Disappointed? Even happy? All of these? 

What I have observed in my 25 years of working with people who have weight issues also have emotional connections to the weight they are carrying. What I mean by that is, as you probably know, you have found it very difficult to navigate your feelings.  So, when you are stressed, you eat. When you are tired, you eat. When you are happy, you eat. And then, after eating foods that do not support your body, you become desensitized not only to your feelings but also to the foods that best support you. And, if you add to the mix how many of our processed foods are formulated so that you will want more, it can turn into a vicious cycle as you are probably more than familiar with).  You are not dealing with the feelings!

By responding to the emotions and feelings in a physical way, you misinterpret the connection between your body, mind and spirit, and those feelings weren’t dealt with, they were suppressed.  And feelings buried alive never die they continue to lie deep within you causing even more mischief then you may even realize.  This prevents you from not really knowing what is best for your body but also understanding how to do something about it.

So what can you do?

You are already on track following the breakthrough program. You have taken away the prior crutches food has provided. Now, you need to get honest with yourself about when it and what is really eating you!  Becoming open and connected with your emotions and feelings will help you naturally gravitate to foods that best support you.

The answers to the following questions will become the “food” that your spirit is hungry for.  What do you really want and need?  Are you making too much lemonade out of lemons situations? Are you taking on too much responsibility? Do you need more support? Is it time for a change in careers? Is there a conversation that is way overdue with a spouse or a friend? What have you been wanting to say or do that you have not given yourself permission to do?

I suggest you take time every day to write out your thoughts and feelings. Get it out of you! Don’t try to be pretty or write what you think you should say. In fact, just to get started, you may even begin writing that you don’t have a clue what you want to write about. Tap into what you are feeling, and write about that. Don’t worry this is a very healthy way for you to learn how to reconnect with your feelings. As soon as you acknowledge them, those feelings literally melt away! Like many, you might be using food and your relationship with your body as a scapegoat for unresolved feelings.

Developing a relationship with your feelings will be the key to everything you want to experience in life. We want this to be your last weight loss effort you’ll ever need to participate in.

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