Give Yourself Some Credit

We recently revisited the idea of self-discipline as a muscle, which is hard to strengthen at first, but then becomes a source of strength and freedom. If you’re trying to lose weight, self-love is like the secret key that unlocks a world of possibility. Of course, life is an ongoing parade of challenges, tests, and obstacle courses for your resolve—it’s not a one and done. Will-power is a string of actions relating to self-love. Start with noticing the small victories that together make up a powerful force. Two powerful actions are taking credit for the changes you have made in your life and celebrating the new you. Small celebrations should be daily and bigger celebrations can be done when milestones are reached!.


Give Yourself Some Credit

So how do you talk to yourself about these small, everyday victories? Do you slap yourself on the back? Or do you, like so many people I talk to, just dismiss the triumphs of will as “what you SHOULD be doing”?


If you’re in this second group, I have a message for you: Stop! If you do something—anything, from the super small to the big and major—that supports your highest goal, then recognize it! It’s a big deal! We live in a culture that focuses on the negative way too much. Part of building self-love is being able to choose how you want to spend your mental and emotional energy. Don’t dump your precious resources into the black hole of negativity.


And don’t deny yourself the credit you deserve. For example, If you used to feel ashamed of your lack of self-discipline, that’s all the more reason to celebrate! Look how far you’ve come. I suspect we all worry that if we are nice to ourselves, that we’ll lose our motivation to keep pushing forward. But actually, psychological studies of animals show that positive reinforcement is a way more effective in training specific behaviors than punishment.


Every time you choose to go to yoga class, cook a healthy dinner, skip dessert, meet a weight loss goal, go for a walk, buy good vegetables at the grocery store—each and every one of those choices is a crossroads where you made a choice. And it’s an opportunity to acknowledge yourself for the amazing job you are doing. You’ll be surprised: the more nice things you say to yourself, the more you’re probably going to want to keep doing what you’re doing.


Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

That brings me to my next point. You can create a culture of celebration within your own life—both in your own mind and in your family. In a world that sometimes feels like it is constantly trying to bring you down, celebration is a radical act. Just like you would honor your kid’s graduation or your spouse’s promotion, you can acknowledge your own victories.


You could throw a party for yourself when you hit your weight loss target. Do an excursion, like visiting a salt cave or going see a movie with your partner or buy a new outfit. The way you celebrate doesn’t need to be some big and bold gesture, but it should be something. You shouldn’t let your successes sneak away unrecognized. So get that party hat on and celebrate!


Understand the consequences of what I am suggesting!

When you align Body-Mind-Spirit, you are able to make permanent, lasting change.  

How do you do that? What does it look like?  Do a positive action, then cement it with positive affirmations pertaining to that action, (I am’s, I’m doings). That aligns body (actions) and mind (words).   Do this often enough with sincere belief that the desired outcome is exactly who know you are or what you know you want to accomplish and you will bring your spirit into alignment because you are creating new supportive belief systems (thoughts!)  This is the magic, consciously making this alignment is the secret key for re-creating yourself anew!

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