Love ThySelf

WOW!! We’re exhausted but we Love our journey and it’s been awesome.

This is a new year for Breakthrough M2 and we are very excited about that! We have a new website, new weight loss formula, FOUR brand new supplements for nutritional support and detox, new Step 4 transition supplements, new building, new staff, new coaches, and NEW seminar.

We are now asking YOU to join us and go on a NEW journey – Self Love. For many, this is quite foreign, but guaranteed, this journey will lead you to where you’ve been wanting to go. It is a place of freedom from old habits, old mindsets, and old numbers on the scale.

Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”  Isn’t that true? In my experience with thousands of people over the last 5 years, weight issues are always related to heart issues, and I’m not talking about the kind that needs Bayer aspirin. Therefore, I say you cannot have the same heart-set either. My seminars are focused on giving our clients new tools and teaching them how to use these tools to begin building new habits. Remembering to use them and not giving up on yourself when you forget or mess up is hard work, but I know you are up for the task.   You got on this journey to make REAL PERMANENT CHANGE and you are seeking ways in which you can make that happen! Practicing Self-Love is exactly what you need to chip away at your old mindset, unsupportive belief systems, and the constant negative chatter!

So, what is self-love and why do I want you to care about this?

My definition of self-love actually comes from one of the commandments in the new testament. Jesus said to love your neighbor as you love yourself. When you look at that last phrase up in the Greek and Hebrew texts it actually means to put your own physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness before anything else. You see, if we don’t care for ourselves we can’t help others. How can we give to or help someone else if we ourselves are starving, poor, and sick? We can’t.  So it begins with practicing Self-Love exercises that help chip away at the old mindset and stops the negative chatter!  So, what is self-love and why do I want you to care about this?

Self-love is not selfish, and certainly is not the “it’s my way or the highway” attitude. But I am saying that decisions need to be made through the eyes of a person who is thinking about their own well-being. Do I eat that pizza or get a salad? Do I stay up late or get my sleep? These are easy, but while you are your weight loss journey the easy ones are what you start with and then you will graduate to the more ingrained complicated decisions as time goes by.  If you begin this rebuilding process during the weight loss phase and most definitely continue with the self-love habits after the weight loss goal has been realized, the strict structured diet will not be what you need to help you maintain the good habits that were formed while dieting.  You will have built up the structure you wanted by your own doing because of a new found self-love.

One of the biggest obstacles we face, whether we have a weight issue or not is negative self-talk.   How’s the self-abuse and negative chatter been working for you so far? (And just a side note: Do you want your kids practicing self-abuse tactics? They will learn from you whether you say it out loud or not.)  Stopping the negative chatter takes time and constant back tracking and never giving up on yourself. When you are able to look in the mirror and say “You are amazing!” and mean it, you know you are heading in the right direction. Eventually you will be able to look at your imperfect body and say, “I love you, and we are going to work together to get you healthy again, because you are SO worth it!”  When you cultivate self-love and admiration you will begin making the right choices out of love for self not resort to using force or punishment. You will stop bashing and punishing yourself for old habits or things that you have not conquered yet. So, a great WAY to begin every day is by saying “I will not let anything or anyone, including myself, stand in the way of my wellness. I am worthy, I am amazing, and I am loved.” Write this on your mirror, and say it before you go to bed, too!

Self-Love is the key to making lasting habits and mindset changes.

Do it – You’re worth it!

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