My Home Is My Sanctuary

I know its January and themes for this month usually include new beginnings or starting over, but this year I am changing it up a little. You will see in the months to come that many things will be different for me, Breakthrough M2, our Team, and You – our clients – so no better time than now to start changing things up!.

The topic for this month’s blog will be about making your home into a safe place – a sanctuary you and your family love coming to! #MyHomeIsMySanctuary

I feel that home should be our sanctuary; it should be a safe place for you to be you and anyone in your family to feel the same way about themselves. I also believe there should be a few guidelines for the home so everyone in the home can live in peace and harmony as much as possible.

So here is my list of what a home can include making it a wonderful place:

  • A place where growth and maturity happen
  • Loving actions are doled out to everyone (SELF and others)
  • Forgiveness for SELF and others – if some of you have a problem with the idea of “forgiving self” because you believe only God has that right, what about letting yourself off the hook for things in the past?
  • Home should be a place of peace and serenity – is there a place in the home where everyone can go and have some time away from everyone else?
  • Home should be a place where clarity can be found – that could mean open dialogue with each other sharing ideas and advice, but also a place where chaos is NOT king. Can you find things? Does everything have its place? Is there too much clutter? Can you clean things out so the house, in its physical form, does not add to a person’s confusion when they walk in the door?
  • Is everyone in the home responsible for their own area? Do all members need to start pulling their weight so that everyone lives in a more peaceful non-chaotic environment?
  • Home should be a place of gratitude and health.
  • How about a place where your belief systems are being reinforced? What about decorations? Could you use some wall space to remind the family and yourself what is really important?
  • Is there a set time for everyone (even parents) to unplug from the outside world? How much technology is being used? Is there a night when the TV does not go on?
  • Do you play music in your home?
  • Is your home set up for success? Meaning, are there ways you can ensure some of the habits you are trying to establish are supported by the way your home is set up?

These are the things I will show you in my video. My home has become this place for me and I encourage my family to set up their space as their own sanctuary. My goal for this video and blog is to give you some ideas for your home, and I bet you will come up with some great ideas to share!

If you have great ideas, please share them on theTeam Breakthrough Facebook page. Make it searchable by using #MyHomeIsMySanctuary.

Before-After photos of your space are really fun, so share those, too!

Happy Homing!

Click Here for Video!

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