Nan’s 2022 Theme for the Year!

My theme for 2022 is Staying in the NOW.
I’ve heard this from lots of gurus over the past few years, and I really didn’t grasp the meaning of it, therefore making it a priority was not happening.   Honestly, it has taken me a few years to understand what it means.  I intellectually heard it, but my definition of understanding is that I know how to apply it.   And the application of this way of being eluded me. But, I’m starting to get it now, so here we go.
Recently, I’ve been manifesting many things in my life.  Most of it is over the top amazing!  But some of it, not so much.  And what I have learned is that the law of attraction explains this phenomenon quite easily.  It states that whatever energy you are putting out you will receive back.  Like attracts like. Our thoughts begin, they gain momentum the more we think about them.  If we stay with the same thoughts or patterns of thinking long enough, our thoughts turn to energy.  You all know what I’m talking about!  Heart rate goes up because of what we are thinking about?? Our thoughts literally create energy that affects our bodies!.
Energy in motion is also known as emotion.  Emotion is strong and powerful. The reason my theme for 2022 is becoming more present is that I have been more aware of my emotions, which has made me think more about my thinking and how my thinking and emotions have been affecting what I bring into my life or manifest into my life.  This duo of thoughts and emotions set me up for my day, it turns me in different directions throughout the day raises or lowers my stress levels, helps me get things done or not, and of course, this duo brings about manifestations in my life – wanted or not.
I believe I receive what I think about. And…what I have experienced is that my thoughts are either on purpose or default – meaning habits or patterns of thought.  This is how I can manifest things both wanted or unwanted.  After seeing this firsthand in my life, I now believe that unwanted things that come into my life are done by default thinking.  Default thinking is what I realized was happening in places of my life where I was unsure, had doubts, afraid of, or inexperienced.  Default manifestations can happen when I enter rabbit holes of thought or habitual patterns of thought for extended periods of time or keep fueling the fire of old thinking.  Most times this default thinking is happening and I don’t even realize It until my heart rate goes up or I feel the tenseness in my neck and shoulders.
One particular pattern that I noticed is that I tend to think too much into the future.  Too much future thinking clouds me up, can stress me out if I think about too many “what ifs” or the number of tasks that I have to do for it to be complete.  I get overwhelmed if I start thinking about how one task will lead to another and to another. Can you relate?
The Law of attraction states that like attracts like, and since I know this to be true, then I need to begin thinking in a way that attracts what I want and putting action into my day that aligns with what I want.  Ok, so what am I going to do that will help cultivate the NOW energy into my life so I can start attracting more NOW energy?  I’ve thought of two small things I can start with.
First, When I start a task, I am going to set chunks of time aside and stay engaged in only that task for the time I’ve set aside.  Not look at my phone, answer texts or calls, look at social media, surf the web, or do emails.  Forcing myself to be present with what I’m doing.  When time is up, I’ll take a break and regroup and do it again.  And Believe me, my chunks of time will be small at first. 🙂
The other thing that I am choosing to do is enjoy the completion of my task or the fact that I sat undistracted for the timeframe I set aside.  Taking time to stop and enjoy is an act of being present and it feels good too so I am going to sit with the accomplishment for a few minutes, look at what I’ve done, enjoy the feeling of it, and if I don’t remember to do it right then and there, I have decided to do a closing down the day exercise before I go to bed and just look back at any accomplishments I did, big or small.
So there it is my 2022 theme for the year.  I will incorporate some new thinking and acting exercises that will bring in more of the NOW energy that I want.  And if you are on the BTM2 weight loss program, cultivating the feel-good energy into your life can, and will, help you on your weight loss journey.  Feeling good about yourself brings in more energy and motivation to do things that help you feel good.  And if you’ve decided to lose weight because you know it will make you feel better, these two energies will strengthen and support and attract more of that in your life!
P.S. I finished writing this script at 3:33. Some have said that it is an Angel number showing energy of significant growth in a positive direction, so have confidence in yourself moving forward that this is the best time to focus on thinking positively. … In fact, this number is a sign of balance, and it’s ok to laugh, let your hair down, be in the present moment, and have a little more fun!
Have a wonderful 2022!

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