People Being Thankful, Having Gratitude and Inspiring Others!

The purpose of November’s blog is to inspire and lift up any reader who partakes. It is written by Breakthrough M2 members. It is all about everyone’s “Thankfuls.”  Since Thanksgiving is a time where we all stop just to say thanks and make a whole day out being grateful and having gratitude, we too will honor that tradition!  Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday – but one where everyone can join in, and no matter who you are, can stop, say thanks, stop and give thanks.

As you read this blog, you will see that people have many reasons for giving thanks.  Let it inspire you to accomplish your goal and recognize how great your life is, even when things aren’t so great, sometimes.  Take it in and when you are done, sit and think about what you have to be thankful for.  Write it down.  Maybe even think about a new tradition you can incorporate into your Thanksgiving Day dinner which will remind your family and friends why you are gathering together.

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People being thankful for getting healthier mind, body and/or spirit:

1. I’m thankful I am all blood pressure medication. 2. Losing 40 lbs. 3. Alive and breathing every day – thank God. ~ Barbara Kurbel-Riker

Today I got out from my endocrinologist office, I’m having a hard time putting myself together so I texted my Coach – Bonnie Monell about the result of our conversation! My MD was very surprised about my weight loss and the enormous change in all of my blood work due to the weight loss, AIC, blood sugar, and creatinine level. She finally told me to stop taking medications and lower the dose of my Synthroid, she spent more time asking how I did it and I told her about the results of my personal commitment to the program and how I follow the instructions by heart! It’s my wish to stop my meds which can cause toxicity to one’s body and live a healthier happy lifestyle, I never dreamed that this day will come! I eat better, drink good amounts of water daily, and not taking a single pain pill for more than 6 weeks now.  I sleep better and now all of my lab works are normal! This is so real and can’t thank enough all my supportive coworkers and Coach Bonnie Monell & most of all – BREAKTHROUGH M2! ~Rowena Castagnozzi

I want to say Thank you. My life has changed so much. I lost 53 pounds so far. But it’s more than the weight.  After taking Peter and Nan’s “Get out of your own way” class, it really helped me.  I started reading some great self-help books, but for the first time in my life, I have self-esteem.  I had a two-week vacation and my boyfriend was too busy to take time off to be with me. My old “normal behavior” would be to have a meltdown.  I didn’t; I hiked up Mount Beacon. I decided it was time to get to know myself.  My life is exactly the same but I’m 53 pounds less.  However, I’ve looked and found I was my worst enemy.  I’m not anymore.  This, for me, is a lifestyle change.  My new goal is to fix my finances.  And what else? I’m not shy anymore, I smile more, make eye contact, and I’ve been working on my posture. I even try to speak to strangers more!   And best of all, I realized if I have confidence I shine more.  It’s now important to me about how I present myself to myself.  I Love My life! ~ Tina Flagello

People being thankful for other people:

I thank Team Breakthrough and all the girls who helped me with their posts.  I’m thankful for being part of the unbelievable team.  I’m thankful for staying around a little longer.  I’m thankful for the lesson that taught me I got a lot more to give.  I’ve come a long way, I know I’m a long way from being done.  But, being committed to this program and my goals have helped me change and “shape” my life.  It has helped me welcome others who are following in my footsteps!   It’s hard to write a post without mentioning my A team …Coach BONNIE …Nadine and MIKAYLA, thank you, will never be enough!!! Oh yeah, I forgot one little thing I lost 107 pounds in 24 weeks on team Breakthrough!!   I am so lucky and thankful to be part of the Breakthrough Family❣️~ William Munley    

I am thankful for all the people at work who encouraged me to make the decision to change my life. I will always be thankful for all their inspiration. Go, Team Vassar!  ~Maribel Herrera

I am thankful to my friend Donna for introducing my husband and me to Breakthrough M2! It’s been a wonderful, life-changing experience. ~Benay L.

I am extremely grateful for this program and my bestie for introducing it to me I am so excited to report that I am four weeks in today I have lost 21 pounds and I’m getting rid of a pair of pants that were too tight and now are too big! This is such an amazing program and I am thankful to have found something that actually works.  ~Denise Bouderau

Today I’m thankful for my wife Wendy who keeps me on the straight and narrow and how I have found the strength to finally do the right thing. ~Neil Uricoli

People being thankful for their journey:

Thankful Thursday: So, I’ve never posted a picture of myself since joining this group in April. BUT… today I’m changing that. I don’t know how I let myself get so heavy. Could have been the divorce, or both kids moving out to live their lives leaving me alone in this big house with a pantry full of crap that I systematically shoved in my mouth, …could have been self-isolation and loathing of myself…I really don’t know. But somehow, I ballooned up to 215. During my physical in October of 2016, the doctor told me that my sugar was elevated, (You think I didn’t know why? I only ate three Italian ice cups the night before!) and that my cholesterol was extremely high and that she wanted me to get on Metformin and statins. No, No! I saw the effects of those meds on my father and refused to live that life. So, I joined Weight Watchers. Gained 0.2 lbs. in three months.  Joined Nutri System and ate meatballs that they MAILED to me, (who does that?) lost three pounds in 2 months and spend over $700 for food that I had to MICROWAVE… (my grandmother must have been rolling in her grave…I mean really…who cooks mailed meat in a microwave and calls it dinner?). Meanwhile, sugar remained the same, cholesterol was still high legs were still swelling and I won’t even get into the condition of my gaseous stomach. Then someone suggested this program.  I listened intently to Nan’s presentation and was even more excited to start. Who wouldn’t be…healthy eating, I can cook my own food, a support system that I can passively be a part of, a coach to answer my questions…I’m in!I still have about 15 lbs. to go before I hit my pre- self-destruction weight, but I am forever thankful for this program.  My sugar is down 45 points, cholesterol is down 50 points, anxiety attacks are a faint memory and I no longer have Cankles! A special thank you to Nan and her team.   ~ Josine Flagello  

I’ve struggled with being overweight my entire life. Besides the physical limitation it caused me, the mental and emotional toll that it took on me was so much more painful. In February of 2016, I weighed in at my heaviest of 275.  I was so self-conscious that some days I wouldn’t even leave my house because I felt like everyone was staring at me. Somehow, I gained some motivation to do something different. I cut carbs and most sugar and started walking 3-4 miles a day.  I lost 35 pounds before Breakthrough and hit a plateau, thus causing me to lose my motivation once again. A close friend of mine introduced me to Breakthrough, and I was ready to give it a shot. I ended my load days at 242 and started low-cal without hesitation. By October, I was 172 pounds. I hadn’t seen the scale under 200 since the 5th grade. I developed an amazing relationship with my coach and some of the breakthrough Staff. And then, I got comfortable.I was craving Chinese food SO bad, and instead of reaching out and asking for help, I caved. It was all downhill from there. I was cheating almost every day, and trying to “manipulate the program.” I would tell myself that eating a chicken Caesar salad with a 1/2 bag of croutons was okay because I was still eating a salad. And then came the emotional pain. I crept my way back up to 192 and was so ashamed of myself. I lost 10 pounds and decided to get back to what works for me; Breakthrough. And Breakthrough the RIGHT way, not MY way. This morning I weighed in at 177.8 and I couldn’t be happier. I am back on the right track and remember that the choice is mine and that I am worth it. The mental struggle was so difficult for me. Thank you to those who didn’t give up on me, especially Coach Bonnie Monell!! ~ Shannon Klitzner

People being thankful for goals attained:

Today I am thankful for finally being under the 200 lb mark! 8 1/2 weeks and 42.6 lbs lighter! ~Lori Hendershot It’s my 5th week … started on 183.6 now I’m 168lb. Losing has never been so much fun. Thank you, Breakthrough M2 and all those who supported me!!!!! ~ Shireesha Swaroop

Well since today is THANKFUL THURSDAY I want to share my success story. I started the program on January 9, 2017, and stopped on June 19th – 161 days and I lost 83.5 pounds and many, many inches. I feel like I look like the old me again. My clothes fit again and I’m so happy to be able to wear more than leggings and big bulky sweaters. I went from wearing 1x, x-large and size 18 jeans and x large and large sweaters to wearing my size 8 pants, shorts, bathing suits and size small shirts again. I personally have nothing to hide or be ashamed of the way I look anymore. It’s such an awesome feeling. Thank you, Team Breakthrough, for all the love and moral support and for everyone’s stories. This is truly the BEST way to lose weight and be happy with your own body again. ~ Lori Palleschi

People being thankful for what they recognized:

(“aha” moments)

I am thankful that in the short time I have been on this program I have learned what my body likes and doesn’t like. My husband and I had to go off for a week for some tests and we couldn’t eat fruits or vegetables. That week we made smart choices and was able to keep the weight off. I discovered that week that my body hates white flour!!! Even though I didn’t gain, my body ached and my joints were angry!! I went back on program after the procedure and we are already down after just a couple of days. More importantly, my body feels great!!! Thank you, Team Breakthrough for showing me the way!!! ~Tracy Fuss

Thankful Thursday – here it goes…. I’ve been struggling as to whether I should post this but when I stopped by the office on Monday, Mikayla and Brian DeGroat encouraged me to share my story so here goes: I started this journey with my load days on October 1st and 2nd I spent that weekend eating all my favorites and lots of things I knew that I would not be able to eat for a very long time. I also prepared my meals for the week after reading all the posts on this site. Monday morning, I was ready and everything went well I stuck to the plan and felt great. Tuesday morning my 2nd day, was my test. My husband had complained a little on Monday that he was not feeling quite himself then again on Tuesday he expressed the same thing – he is not one to complain so I immediately said we are going to the ER – he fought me hard because he thought it would pass but I pushed him and said we are going. I figured it would be a quick trip so I grabbed my lunch bag thinking I would be going to work eventually and wanted to have my lunch. We got to the ER with him fighting the entire way and he explained to the nurse that he was not feeling quite right and was having some chest pains that felt like heartburn….long story short after being in the ER for less than an hour (they were on top of things and pushed us though) and this was before 7 am in the morning we were told by the Doctors he had suffered what they called a “mild” heart attack. Not at all what we were expecting to hear- after some additional testing and being admitted to CCU we were told that 3 main arteries were almost 100% closed and he was being transferred to Columbia Presbyterian in Manhattan for Bypass Surgery. As stressful as this was I stayed on course ate my lunch – ran home at some point grabbed more food for my dinner because I was not leaving him in the hospital. It was a long rough day and as bad as I wanted to say just screw this diet my husband of all people said to stick with it you are doing great don’t stop because of what I’m going thru. The next day I headed to Manhattan and realized I left my lunch bag and drops at home I reached out to my coach Iraida Irizarry-Espinal and she told me exactly what to do and to stay the course which I did. Every day I packed my bag and headed to Manhattan to be with my husband. the surgery was successful- Thank God! and he is now at home and recovering nicely. With that said during this process I have lost a total of 17lbs in 26 days and so many inches my clothes are very loose and I am wearing jeans I have not been able to fit in a very long time and I feel great. Prior to starting this diet, I would only sleep 3-4 hours most nights due to going through menopause and I just did not feel good about myself. 26 days in I am sleeping all night – feel great when I wake up and feel great about myself. I am Thankful I found this diet and can’t wait to see what the next few weeks and months hold. To anyone out there struggling or wanting to quit don’t do it – if I can make it through the most stressful time in my life not knowing if I would see my husband when I walked through my front door ever again and stayed the course so can you. My hope is someone reads this today that needs that little bit of encouragement. Just to add to this the Doctors and Nurses told me that had I not brought him into the ER when I did he would have had a massive heart attack and it would have been a different outcome! I Thank God, we got there when we did. ~ Anita Thompson Royal

People being thankful for new knowledge:

I am thankful for the struggles I faced while on this program. I know that may seem crazy, but it’s very true. My first journey on this program was 6 months straight of low cal and wasn’t always easy. I will be the last person to tell you that it is easy. I faced plenty of days with no loss or even a gain on the scale! I thought about quitting, but I knew I didn’t want to go back to where I came from. So, I would continue to push through. I knew I wasn’t cheating and that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to. No matter what that scale said every morning I knew  I was making progress. I realized progress is measured in many ways. I felt healthier, had more energy, was off all medications, and my clothes were getting looser by the week. This was the healthiest I had ever eaten in my life. If that isn’t progress then I don’t know what is! Those struggles that I faced and overcame is what I attribute to my success in maintaining my 127-lb. loss. I battled through and I won. I didn’t give up and I won. I struggled, but I won!! Had this program been easy, I’m not sure I would be sitting here maintaining a 127-lb. loss. Those struggles keep me in check every day.  Thank Nan, Brian, and the whole Breakthrough M2 Team!  ~ Coach Nadine Cron

People being thankful for STILL having the weight off and living the life they wanted to:

It’s been 10 1/2 months since I transitioned! I am thankful for this awesome program that taught me how to eat properly and help me maintain my weight loss.

  • I love eating this way!
  • I love my smaller sizes!
  • I love that my feet don’t hurt!
  • I love that I no longer get headaches!
  • I love that I no longer get heartburn!
  • I love the new me!                                                   ~ Carol Blumfield

I am thankful for being able to keep the weight off after doing the Breakthrough program and being able to walk up the 3 flights of stairs to work without huffing and puffing. One flight used to do me in. ~ Coach Bonnie Monell

People who are thankful for being able to pay it forward:

            I am so thankful for my weight loss and Breakthrough! I am a whole new me, and this is a program that just keeps giving and giving. All of the friends I have recommended are so successful and so thrilled with the changes in their lives. I couldn’t be happier, and now they are paying it forward and informing others! ~ Coach Mary Krankus

And I am thankful for all of you!  I am thankful for everyone who wrote for this blog!  I am thankful for my whole TEAM! You have trusted us and that means to world to me!  I have worked very hard to offer a great program for people because I wanted people to feel the way I did when I FINALLY lost the weight.  My Team works hard because they have all been through this as well.  I wanted to make sure people knew the realities of weight loss and weight gain, and every day I try to make sure we teach people how to get off the roller coaster of diets.  I sincerely want that to happen for all the wonderful people I know God has allowed to come into my life!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  ~ Nan, CEO, and Founder of Breakthrough m2 Weight Loss and Transformation

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