Price Increase Announcement

To all our wonderful clients,

Over the past 12 months, there have been many supply chain issues that have had a severe impact on product costs, and we do not see any signs of this situation improving.

Additionally, due to the tariff increases on all packaging materials we use, we are paying an extra 25% customs tariff import duty tax.

We try as much as possible not to modify prices.  We have not raised the price of our program and weight loss drops since 2016, and have been attempting to absorb the increased operational costs that have occurred in the last year.

At this point, we cannot maintain our current prices and are choosing to make price adjustments to all our supplements and products.

New pricing is effective as of April 17th, 9 pm EST 

Dual management formula (Men’s & Women’s) – $249

40-Day express – $299

Clean Slate – $379

The Ultimate – $649

We’re encouraging you to get what you need, NOW, and as always we will continue to offer our great referral program, sales, giveaways, & free shipping days.

Thank you and remember to focus on what you want and where you want to be in all areas of your life!

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  1. Rose Keith says

    I need another booklet to follow my diet with the food list of wht i can eat an how to start my dIet Before taking the drops

  2. Kimberly Digangi says

    Good Morning, I just placed my order and will be restarting the program. Is there anyway I can get the Black wrist elastic and essential oil enhailer? I received them when i first started the program and they make a huge difference and would like to get them again. thank you