Self Care Wins the Day

The whole philosophy behind the Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss Program is to heal your mind, body, and spirit and learn to value yourself so you can make a life transformation. Once you start down this path, you’ll find it is a virtuous cycle—you make good decisions and begin to heal yourself, which increases your sense of self-worth; the more you value yourself, the more obvious it is how important it is to treat yourself kindly.

Self-Care: A Radical Act

Part of this process is learning to give yourself permission to take care of YOU. In a society that idolizes celebrities and trivializes “normal” people, self-care is a radical act. By choosing to take care of yourself, you are declaring, “I am worth it!” And you are!

Since you are 3-in-1 (body, mind, spirit), self-care activities range widely. It might mean kicking everyone out of the house for an hour and taking a luxurious bubble bath or having a spa day with your friends (body). Maybe it means making time to go to therapy or a weekend-long workshop (mind). Maybe self-care is blocking out time to journal, paint, or meditate (spirit).

And of course, exercising, cooking, and eating healthy foods are all also important modes of self-care because they nourish your being and bring out your best self. Whatever your preferred activities, you should think of self-care as a combination of things that attend to the needs of all facets of your being.

Ideally self-care is a regular and preventative practice—not a reactive measure. You don’t want to wait until you’ve burned out to stop and take care of yourself. A little bit every day goes a long way.

And while at the beginning you will probably need to identify specific things you want or need to do for yourself, ultimately self-care is a mentality. The longer you practice it, the more intuitive and engrained it will become. It is like an internal compass showing you the way at every fork in the road, helping you to pick the most healing and beneficial path.

Ripple Effect

The funny thing about self-care is that while it is an inward-facing practice, its effects ripple outward. When you stand firmly in your own value, take care of yourself, maintain your boundaries, and follow your truth—other people can tell! They might not be able to put their finger on it, but they will be able to subtly detect your inner radiance, your worth, and be drawn to it.

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