The Gift of your journey!

This month’s blog was written by Julia Price – Breakthrough M2 Independent Business owner – Connecticut.  Please read and re-read this beautiful blog and accept it as her gift to you!  This is the season to Give and Receive, and Julia wants to give of herself and her experience of receiving an amazing second chance at really living a healthy NEW life! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! ~Nan

Inner Game, never too soon to work it.

Most of us were not lucky enough to have found Breakthrough M2 the first time we wanted to lose weight. Many of us found many, many other diets over many, many years. Most of us experienced limited success on previous forays into the world of dieting. This limited and temporary success followed by more weight gain was, in fact, a direct result of these diets. It was also a direct result of us not working on our Inner Game. Yes, those other diets were faulty, causing us to lose needed fat that our bodies replaced as soon as possible.

The Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss and Transformation team have taken the research by ATW Simeons and countless success stories to perfect a method of weight loss that allows the stored fat to be used by our bodies allowing us a permanent way to lose the unwanted weight. The truth, however, is that while the Breakthrough Program makes permanent weight loss possible, our Inner Game also pays a huge role in whether or not this permanent weight loss will indeed be permanent.

Nan DeGroat, CEO of Breakthrough M2 has said, “I can provide you with the perfect diet, but without you working on your Inner Game, and addressing all the reasons why you became overweight in the first place, you will not be successful.”

It is so important that we do not just lose the weight but that we work on losing the reasons why we gained the weight to start with. For me, I have always tended to overeat even as a child. There are pictures of me systematically moving from chair to chair finishing the food others left behind. Why would a 2 or 3-year-old child do this? My mother tells me that she had difficulty getting me to eat as an infant. It would take hours to get a bottle down me. At my first doctor’s appointment, the doctor determined that I was “tongue-tied”; apparently my tongue was attached to the bottom of my mouth all the way to the end preventing me from being able to suck on the bottle. He pulled out a scissors and … well … problem solved. Did this early experience of being unable to eat have a lasting effect on my mental psyche preventing me from knowing when to stop eating, did my mother overcompensate and overfeed me after this? Can our weight issues really go back to infancy? The good news is, “We are never too old to be the person we always wanted to be.” I love the name of this program…BREAKTHROUGH. For me, it symbolizes my transformation, the breaking down of all of my old ways of thinking and behavior. I am happy to say that I am not the person I was when I started this journey last November. I am not quite the person that I want to be, but I am on the right track.

Here’s one thing I have learned, do not think of Breakthrough M2 as simply a diet, something you pick up and follow to get to a specific goal and then put away. You will lose the weight, but you will not gain the insight and knowledge you need to move forward successfully. You will in all probability gain at least some of the weight back. This program is such a successful diet that it can be a crutch, you always know in the back of your mind that you can just go back on it and lose any weight you gain back. I have talked to people who keep 2 – 3 or even 4 sizes of larger clothes in their closet. Is that you also?  Why would you do this? Why would you not only set yourself up to fail but make sure you have the clothes when you do? Each time I realized I was in a smaller size I got rid of every item of clothing in the larger size, everyone! Even the clothes that still fit. The weight will come off, and I will not give myself permission to gain any weight back.   While it is coming off do the hard work of transforming your “inner game”. Along with your weight loss goal, your size goal, have a transformation goal of how your life will look when you reach that number or size. Visualize the things you will be able to do. See yourself doing those things, feel the emotion, the self-confidence, the acceptance of your new body. Visualize the people you will do them with, the places you will go together.  Think about this quote I recently came across, “Most of us are not afraid of failure, we are afraid of success.” Especially when it comes to a new, beautiful body and a spirit which will shine brightly, that people will compliment.

This is my gift to you this Holiday Season: please use the questions below to guide you on your journey of self-discovery. Unpack them slowly and one at a time.  Keep a journal.  Go back to these questions again and again while you are on this journey.  Look at your original answers and look at your new answers!  The answers to these questions will most likely change as you move through your transformation. Your initial answers will reflect your preconceived ideas about yourself and weight loss.  Your new answers represent your new self emerging.

Let your Inner Spirit grow and flourish as your silhouette and negativity diminish.


  • Why do you want to lose weight?
  • How will your life change while on the program?
  • Who will be most affected by your decision to lose weight? Positively/Negatively
  • Who will be your biggest supporter?
  • Who will be your biggest saboteur?
  • How will your life change after you lose the weight?
  • Describe your transformation.
  • Describe in detail an average day pre-program. Consider your limitations, frustrations.
  • Describe an ideal day.
  • What do you think will be the hardest thing about the program?
  • What do you think will be the easiest thing about the program?
  • What would you like to do for fun but shy away from at your current size?
  • Describe a perfect post-transformation day.
  • What made you decide to do this program, why now?
  • What are your biggest concerns about the program?
  • Does your partner support your decision to change and this method of achieving your weight loss goal?
  • Describe an average celebration? Celebration post-transformation?
  • How will you reward your weight loss success?
  • Talk about your family traditions, Thanksgiving, Holidays, birthdays.
  • Describe your current relationship with food.
  • Can you identify any food triggers now?

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