Pain Relief with Long Lasting Results

Most people are on autopilot; they have never been educated properly about the root cause of their pain. If you have not been treated and trained about the elimination and prevention of inflammation and scar tissue, then you will be practicing pain management, which is temporary at best or is only good until the next painful episode.

The Breakthrough Deep Tissue therapists have been trained by Dr. Darrell Wolfe (and his team), who has been teaching and training for over 35 years and is proudly accredited by the W.O.N.M. – University of Humanitarian Medicine. We use all of Dr. Wolfe’s Deep Tissue techniques to help our clients achieve better health and pain relief with long-lasting results.  THIS IS NOT MASSAGE THERAPY.

Where other therapies fail, Wolfe Deep Tissue succeeds

All therapies have their place but unless the causes of inflammation are dealt with and internal scar tissue is opened up and released in the process, the therapy becomes useless or temporary at best. CEO of Breakthrough M2, Nan DeGroat, tried nine different types of therapy to help her debilitating chronic back pain she had for 16 years. She finally got her life back after spending just one week in this therapy. The elimination of crystallizations, calcifications, and scar tissue was exactly what she needed! She will never forget just how easy it was to cure her “incurable” pain. Wolfe Deep Tissue therapy is a life-changing experience.

How Would it Feel to Heal, and Live a Pain Free, Energetic Life?

Amazing? Yes! But, the most impressive result from Wolfe Deep Tissue is instant pain relief and increased range of motion, mobility, flexibility, and tone.
We know that inflammation and internal scar tissue are the major causes of pain, premature aging, and physical limitation.

Many people are curious about how we could offer a treatment where in a matter of minutes people have said that “Wolfe Deep Tissue is the most amazing therapy” they have ever experienced in their life. Our goal is to have you live pain-free.

We are so confident that you will experience long-lasting pain relief, increased range of motion and mobility that we offer a money back guarantee.

Each session is $125/hour. 

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Do not hesitate to inquire about treatment if you do not live local to the Orange county area (New York).
We will help you get accommodations and adjust our schedules.

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