Discovery Consult Q & A's

  • Repeat the list back to them, let them hear what they said and how it affects them.
  • PC Note: Transition Statement up next

  • PC Note: NOTE - For the next 3 QUESTIONS use the following ideas to trigger the SENSES AND EMOTIONS:

    Can you describe… How does it feel… When you see this happening… What would that look like? Tell me what you’re hearing when that happens What does that look like? Could you help me by giving me more detail on that? Could you paint a vivid picture for me of how that would look? Do you feel close enough that you can taste it? Does that smell like success for you? And that looks like… Do you believe… What do you really want? Just wave a magic wand for a second.
  • Catwalking to the OFFER

    Great! Thank you for all of that! (are they a fit? yes/no) Yes: I’d like to give you the details and cost of Breakthrough M2 and answer any questions you may have. We should only do this if you’re ready to hear it so you can make the best decision for you. Are you ready for the details?
  • Are you willing to open your emails for the first six days of your prep week, are you willing to watch "the set yourself up for success videos" they average about 10-15 minutes per day? Are you willing to go to your online dashboard and book a meet and greet from your with your coach during your prep week? And then on your two high fat days (Saturday/Sunday) Are you willing to set your body up for success by eating high-fat foods for two days? Are you willing to take your liquid weight loss supplements 3 times a day 30 minutes before you eat? Are you willing to look out for yourself daily, and have the proper portions of appropriate vegetables, fruits, and proteins, avaialble? You weigh ______ so, are you willing to drink ____________ of water every day? Are you willing to get on the scale every day? Treat your manual like your bible? Are you willing to get support, we offer it through text, email, phone, FB group? Are you willing to celebrate your success? Ok, great! You are totally ready and capable to do what it takes to lose this weight on this diet! Ask, so what Id like to give you the 3 packages we offer, you can ask me anything you want, is that good?
  • Any Questions so far?

  • $249 - 6 week Express $324 - 6 week Clean Slate This one really helps the person who has had more health issues and not much more than 50 pounds to lose. Meds indicate imbalances, or the body needing more support. Our extra supplements added to our 6-week express package help people lose weight more efficiently and support better nutrition, nutrition absorption, and gut health, and $549 - 6 week All-in Ultimate is for someone who likes everything in one package and all the bells and whistles just because they deserve it! This has our 6-week express package, all the supplements mentioned above, a huge food package, numerous self care products, cooking videos and a 10% discount card that can be used for life on all our BTM2 supplements. Someone with 50 pounds or more would benefit from this package just because of the discount card alone.