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Have you ever wondered about Getting Sculpted? Have you ever thought about how it would feel? Did you ever think you would do it? We took our thoughts and went one step further and not only went and got Sculpted. This same amazing system has been used on Hollywood stars for years, and we brought it home to the Hudson Valley, so we could share it with you.

How it works

What is REALLY happening when you come get Sculpted? And, why are the results lasting? Nutrient Body Sculpting is a system where patented bandages are soaked in a patented mineral formula, then tightly applied to the body. The minerals are absorbed through the skin, which then open the cells, release impurities and fat, and the compression from the bandages leaves the skin more tone and firmer then when you started. The effects are lasting because you are literally releasing fat from under the skin. This is not dehydration where you lose water and then inches come back in a week. You are actually being HYDRATED through our system and leaving healthier and refreshed! We sculpt you from knee to forehead using patented techniques that work with the lymph system of the body – the bodies largest detox system. 12 sessions are equivalent to liposuction! Do 1, do 12; either way you will leave refreshed and revitalized!

Wraps have been used to improve the health and wellness of both men and women alike for centuries, and until recently have been only for the rich and famous. Body wraps have been around for centuries. Breakthrough M2 brings The Nutrient Body Sculpting System to our studio and is excited to share it with you. Here are just a few of the Benefits provided by this health & beauty system: pulling impurities from the body, improving your skin condition, the look and feel of the reduction of cellulite, an overall enhanced effect of your body, and hydrate the body versus dehydrating. Body Wraps are typically used at spas, resorts and high end salons; however they are designed to do the opposite and dehydrate the body for the client to receive the desired effect of lost inches. The Nutrient Body Sculpting System has a very different approach, and once again, clients achieve long term results with this revolutionary system.

All new additions!

Coming this year…Advanced Micro Nutrient Sculpts! These sculpts flood the body with micro/trace minerals that are not found in food anymore. As the body absorbs these minerals, the most AMAZING phenomenon happens…they actually begin craving healthy food. The begins to send signals that it needs these minerals and it begins to let you know by sending cravings. You actually enjoy eating fruits and veggies again! These minerals are known inflammatory inhibitors and people feel so relaxed and refreshed after sculpting!

$150/ ONE-HOUR SESSION   Please visit our Nutrient Body Sculpting Facebook page for the video demonstration and more information.

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