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The material in the supplemental information package is provided for informational purposes ONLY and in no way should be relied on as medical advice or as a substitute for consulting your personal physician(s) or other health care professionals. Representatives, agents and affiliates of Breakthrough M2 are not licensed medical or health care professionals. Therefore, any communications and/or information received from Breakthrough M2 should not be considered medical advice and you should always follow the medical advice, guidance and recommendations of your physician(s) and other health care professionals

Breakthrough M2 supplements by itself is not a weight loss solution. The supplement works only in combination with a very low calorie diet plan. Studies have shown the supplement has been successfully used in this way for many years. However, as with any weight loss program, particularly one with such extremely limited caloric restrictions, it is strongly recommended that you seek medical supervision prior to starting this program and continue communicating with your doctor(s) throughout the course of taking Breakthrough M2 drops and adhering to the low calorie diet (particularly for potential dieters that are over the age of 70, under the age of 16, or anyone taking medications and/or anyone with any serious health issues). Due to the very low calorie diet, women who are pregnant or nursing should not be on this program.

Diabetic clients should know it is likely that their blood sugar will drop quickly and as such, and should test their sugars no less than 6 times a day as a precaution against their sugar levels dropping too low. A diabetic client should always be in touch with their physician in order to potentially regulate any medications as their sugar levels drop.

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