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Hi everyone ~ this week I’m turning the blog over to our guest Janine, she is going to share her story with you. By reading this we hope that you too can experience her highs, her lows and her success…or at least relate to them. Her success can be yours. Just believe you can and you will. Remember success is a Journey not a Destination.

Janine’s Psychological win

You know how everyone talks and laugh about how they are still carrying the baby weight? Well that was me, only it was 20 years ago that I gave birth to that last baby and I was tired of carrying it. I reached 185 pounds with that pregnancy and even an all time high of 215 pounds. Two years ago, with determination, sacrificing and grieving gluten products I lost 30 pounds. I have kept those 30 pounds off, but 185 is was not my ideal weight.

Sometime last year I watched my boss lose a lot of weight; in what seemed like overnight. Not only did he lose the weight, he has kept it off. I was curious to know how, to know why; thus my introduction to the Breakthrough M2 Program. I was told the program would be tough. There was no doubt in my mind that I couldn’t follow the diet, I really wanted this, but I was concerned that I wouldn’t be disciplined enough.

I wasn’t going to do this on my own; my husband was going to join me on my journey. February 1st was the go date. We took the plunge and we did it together. We prepared our food together, we encouraged each other and we repeated a few key phrases; “Sugar is the Enemy” and “I said yes for 20 years; I can so say ‘no’ for 2 weeks”, which is only as far as I could think ahead. We made it for 6 weeks, by evaluating our progress each week we were encouraged by our success and pushed on. During these six weeks we lost 30 pounds. At this point we had decided to take a break; because we had made a commitment prior to starting the program. We did a loose Step IV; because we knew we would be revisiting Step II very soon.

I found it to be the BEST DIET EVER PSYCHOLOGICALLY! I started to miss other whole healthy foods like mushrooms, peppers, avocados, pears, bananas, eggs, yogurt, which was not on the low calorie Step 2. Instead of feeling deprived for what I had to give up, I was feeling freedom to enjoy these foods when I transitioned into step 4!

My other fear had been thinking I’d have to live a life of extreme depravation in order to maintain my weight of 158. NOT! While I still have to be careful, now I know HOW to be careful, and believe me, it makes things so much easier! Cut sugar first, and drink water! I love my water, sparkling water, and periodically I add stevia drops for variety. I no longer fear deprivation, nor do I fear weight gain. I’ve put on my old clothes which are now too big and realized that they can now go to our local “Good Will” without worry that I’ll need them again.

But the best part of this diet, at least the best part for me, was the immediate reward of significant weight loss, and not just pounds but inches. Getting to see the changes daily made a world of difference in the determination I had. My pants were literally falling off of me, (an excuse to go shopping, hence donating my old clothes). I walked into the GAP this past spring having absolutely no idea what size I was. Imagine my surprise when a size 10 fit me perfectly. As an added bonus, my husband, son, and pregnant daughter all weigh more than me today! This is pretty cool, considering I weighed more than all of them for the past 18 years…

Breakthrough has been a life changer, if you stick to it and are determined to reach your desired outcome, it will change your life too!

Your last diet ever ~ we can help.

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