Aligning Mind, Body, and Spirit

This past month I had a wonderful conversation with a client that helped me decipher a topic that is relevant to all of us.

When we are aligned, things fall into place. What does that mean?  For many years now, I have been talking about the connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit. I have always addressed how all three are interconnected and in this blog, I have a real-life example of how this can connection happen.  This situation helped me integrate mind, body, and spirit in a way that made a real difference. 

I have been believing and manifesting the perfect sale price, timing for the sale of my NY home, and the move to Florida.  I have been saying my affirmations, being happy about the outcome even though it’s not here yet, and not stressing about it because I KNOW SPIRIT has my back!  I’ve been journaling and focusing on what I want and consistently keeping myself in such a good place about this topic.  So exciting!


Meanwhile, for nine months I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis.  For the last two months, I’ve been walking around in athletic slides because they are soft. I’ve been limping everywhere I go.  I can hardly walk in the morning, taking 4-5 minutes just to stand, stretch, and then limp my way to the bathroom. I began taking homeopathic remedies, icing it down (not every day), stretching it out (not every day), did acupuncture twice, and using natural anti-inflammatories, occasionally.  It seems as though nothing is working and I’m annoyed and frustrated. I can’t get things done as quickly as I want and need to take breaks often. Daily, I’m cursing at my darn feet to just get better!!  Enough is enough already!


A few days ago, I was listening to an Abraham Hicks video on YouTube.  Part of the message was the importance of aligning your energy and not having it split.  If your energy is split, your manifestational power is less effective. I guess that’s what Jesus meant when he said hot or cold is better than lukewarm!   


At first, I misinterpreted Abraham’s message because I thought about how I can’t help but have split energy.  I mean that’s what is happening DAILY in my life, right!?  Running a business, taking care of a house, bills to pay, groceries to buy, food to prep, laundry to do…BLAH BLAH BLAH!  Of course, my energy is split!  I can’t change my responsibilities, so…I guess I’m doomed. LOL!


Within a few days of listening to the video, clarity came to me through a wonderful conversation, I had with one of my clients.  As we were talking, I had a realization about how there is a difference between attention vs energy.  I give my attention to all kinds of things every day.  It is what it is.  But my energy is not just my attention.  My energy equals thoughts plus emotions plus attitude.  I had positive thoughts, emotions, actions, and a great attitude about the house and what I wanted to be manifested.  Even though I took some positive action to help my foot, I was not consistent nor did I have positive thoughts, emotions, or a positive attitude about the situation. That is split energy.  Mind, body, and spirit were not on the same page.  I know I have the ability to find healing for my foot.  I know I will because I have manifested great things in other parts of my life, so why not this too!?  


That brings me to one last point. I used to be involved with a networking group called BNI, and the founder has a famous saying, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”  I never liked this phrase because everyone I know applies it in a negative way.  For example, if someone’s car was a mess, a BNIer might look at it and say, “well, how you do one thing is how you do everything,” no….not true.  My car is a mess but my house is immaculate, so that is where I think the phrase is too all-encompassing.


BUT, I do love this phrase if it is applied in a positive sense. Meaning, how I treat one part of my life is how I need to treat all parts of my life. The happiness and positive intention that I can give to one area of my life can be applied to all areas, especially the ones that seem to be more troublesome.


What a great tool for my toolbox!  I now understand how to help bring more powerful energy and alignment into my life. I hope this helps and resonates with you, too!


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