Bill’s Quick and Safe Weight Loss Journey

I am 71 years old.

I found myself slowly creeping back up to my old size and weight that I was in the early eighties.

Back then, I was well over 210 and going into a 40 inch waist. My wife and I went on the Weight Watcher diet, and I got down to about 170 pounds in just a few months. The problem with it was that I got anxiety really bad. Now to the present. I kept gaining weight, sitting on the patio drinking beer, eating snacks and knowing it was all bad for my total well being.

I go to Guatemala to fish every three to four months. My buddy, Eric, told me about this diet he went on and how much weight he had lost. He sold me on the Breakthrough M2 diet. His cousin had introduced him to it and had been successful. Anyway, Eric researched the diet and I felt comfortable with his assessment. He said, “Bill, you have to do exactly what it says.” I did just that. I wanted to lose 30 pounds by my nephew’s wedding May 25, 2021.

I started my first low fat day March 22, and now it is all history. I immediately started losing weight, had a couple of rough days the first week, but kept going.

Linda Valente is my coach and does a great job keeping my spirits up. You will have plateaus and that is the hardest part. You just keep on it and the fat will go. I had a three day plateau once and then the fourth day I lost three pounds. Linda advised me about good recipes and where to find them.

What I like about this diet is several things:

  1. The coaching and weekly phone calls.
  2.  You don’t buy a bunch of those little crappy meals that you wind up throwing away.
  3.  The food is things you prepare yourself, and I found it very tasty.
  4. You don’t diet for four or five months and lose 6 or 7 pounds.

I wanted a diet that was fast and safe, (that’s what the aminos are for), and I found it.

I have one week of transition step 4 left, and I am done. It will be in time for May 25. I am getting into pants that I haven’t worn since 2003. I can wear all of my suits now.

I am off blood pressure meds. My doctor cut my statin drug in half. My cholesterol went from 192 to 115.

So far I have lost 34.5 pounds, which is more than my goal, and I want to go just a few more.

What happens is you start eating right and it is easy to maintain. It does help to like to cook, but you can still do fine. If you are like me you want to get it over with as quick as possible.

I recommend this diet for the above reasons. 


– Bill Scarbrough

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