BTM2’s response to Wegovy®

Can you combine Wegovy (or any other weight loss drug) with the Breakthrough M2 program?

The answer was, is, and will always be a firm, NO.

We have ALWAYS looked out for your best interest.

There is nothing about Wegovy or any of the weight loss drugs on the market that aligns with Breakthrough M2. Results are not sustainable for the body, mind, or spirit.  Furthermore, the side effects of this drug for weight loss are far worse than reported.  Click here for a full report of side effects

Using this drug in particular is more ALARMING.

There is NOTHING in the BTM2 supplements that could unnaturally interfere with or harm your body systems, hormone levels, or organs. That cannot be said about Wegovy. Wegovy is a drug that mimics a hormone that targets areas of the brain involved in regulating appetite and food intake. It is Ozempic® (a diabetic drug) that is being prescribed in the wrong amounts to the wrong people. Wegovy comes in higher doses and is being prescribed to people who DO NOT have high blood sugar levels. Lowering already normal blood sugar levels is not only unhealthy but dangerous.

It just isn’t good for you!

The BTM2 program lowers your blood sugar levels naturally and does not put your body at risk. Anybody using this drug who has normal blood sugar levels to start and then combines it with our program that helps the body rapidly normalize could be putting their health and quite frankly, their safety, at risk. Therefore, you cannot do both weight loss protocols at the same time.

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