Create Habits in Unique Ways!

This month’s blog topic has been revolutionary for me and I am looking forward to sharing it with you and hearing how you are using the idea to shift your patterns and habits!

As you all know, we at Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss are also about helping people fly to higher heights, hence Alula Wellness.  So how can I help you attain Alula Wellness, not just weight loss?  I can teach you how to create a life that works and supports your highest potential.  To do this, we must start and end with compassion and love – always.

I can tell you first hand, that I tend to go to the dark side when it comes to failing when I try to change long-standing habits or emotional patterns that I have been wrestling with many years.  I am not very kind to myself and lament way too long about how I should have made a different choice or been done with this issue already!  But over the last few months, I have been turning to love instead of self-abuse. So, this month’s blog is a testament to my seeking out a different way to help me do better.

I fully believe in manifesting what we want and need.  I believe this because I bent the universe to my will at the age of nine.  It was such a small request, but I know if God, the Universe, Spirit, Divine (whatever you call it), cared enough to help me catch a bird, it certainly cares about really important things like our health, finances, family, career, life purpose, etc.

I also believe that we no longer have to work hard to get the results we want or need.  We do, however, have to believe, have faith, and release fear and anxiety for the miracle to happen.  Doing that is no easy feat!  For most, it is easier to work hard and hope they get their fair share, but that is not my M.O.

If I want to manifest something in my life, I do need to meditate on it, bring it up often, remind my brain that there is a new idea or pattern being established so that new paths can be carved out and so that old ones are no longer being traveled on.  This takes consistency for my brain to change.  And more importantly, every time that thought or word goes out into the universe, I am strengthening the intensity of that desire.

So, here is what I did. For as long as I can remember, I have had a slight ringing in my ears, sometimes left, sometimes right. It’s not painful or annoying and it only lasts for 5 -15 seconds at most.  Over the last month, I have realized that the ringing now switches from right to left and it has been happening about 3-4 times a day. (FYI – There is nothing medically wrong with me because I have been checked.)

One day, I had the bright idea of allowing this to be a natural internal reminder.  I have my life affirmations written down in the back of my monthly planner and I have a picture of them on my phone.  When I hear this ringing, I immediately stop what I am doing and read my affirmations!  It has been awesome.  If I am driving and I hear it, I say my affirmations as best as I can remember them.

Because I have been doing this for over a month, I am now remembering to say my affirmations randomly without the ear ringing reminder.  I am actually at a point where I welcome the sound and smile when it happens because I can now do something that builds me up, and I no longer stress myself out about trying to remember to say my affirmations, nor am I down on myself because I went through another day without doing something to build up my inner awareness.

Two months ago, I started a Bachelor’s Program in Metaphysical science.  Last week I was reading lesson 14, and they had a very similar tactic which is so exciting!  This process is not as obvious of a reminder as the ear ringing, but it will help you be creative with creating positive triggers which will build inner awareness.

The following are from the “Activity Visualization” process:

  • “Throughout each day, if I see what as I perceive to be a healthy person, I will see myself in my mind, as healthy.”
  • “Throughout each day, if I see what as I perceive to be an abundant person, I will see myself as a prosperous abundant person.”
  • “Throughout each day, if I see what as I perceive to be a person who is experiencing love in a healthy relationship, I will see myself experiencing love and being in healthy relationships.”

So, what are some of your ideas?  What happens consistently in your life that could now be turned into a positive trigger?  Please comment below and share your ideas!

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  1. Ana Santanna says

    I think of being able to rest, having a nice night of sleep really recharges me for the next day and gives me energy and good spirit to go through my day. I am very thankful when I sleep well. I try more and more to make myself comfortable to set my body to rest.

  2. Kimberly Digangi says

    I have a very hectic life working two jobs six days a week. At my first job I recently had a change in My department with a new Supervisor. This woman is joyful, calm and encouraging. She never gets stressed or upset no matter what is thrown at us. I also have another Coworker who is VeRy “zen” and I have dreamed about living my Life more like her. I now rEalize tHat god Has surrounded me with these amazing women to help me achieve my Dream of being the calmest, kindest and most positive person PossiBle. How could I not, now that I am surrounded by living examples of the peace I want in my life and the peace and love I want to Radiate.

  3. Lorraine Gaudreau says

    When I start feeling fear. Change it to a positive. When I see a healthy person, I’m healthy. When I craVe bad food-thank God For Providing me wIth this progrAm and see him smiling and asking him for strength to proceed with it. And thanking Him

  4. Rose Keith says

    By getting back on track with handling my weight issues And getting rid of Habits that cause boredom and sitting around. Doing nothing are triggers of eating and snacking on unhealthy foods that can cause you to eat more. Maybe take a walk to exercise the mind. This could help you not think about what you normally would be doing. EATING healthy means a great deal for me in accomplishing my health goals and overcoming my health problems as well. Loving my body and myself.

    • Nanette DeGroat says

      Hi Debra! thank you for this comment. Please try using your pain as a remembrance of what you actually want. For instance: when that pain hits you can say: I am on the path to find a solution, My body is whole and healthy, I am pain-free. Of course, you will come up with your own affirmations, but if you do this for the next few weeks or couple of months, could you update us on progress or changes you might have had pertaining to your attitude about the pain or maybe even level of pain? that would be great! Thanks, Nan 🙂