DESIRE and FOCUS will help you reach your goal!

What we think about we bring about.

What you plant you will reap.

What we feed grows and what we starve dies.

We have all heard these sayings and yes, they make sense without much belief needed. 

“If I plant corn in my garden, corn will grow in a few months.”


The application of this principle is the tricky part. 

I won’t say hard because it’s not.  It’s simple to apply this principle, but it’s tricky seeing things for what they really are.

Our perception and reality are everything.  What we think is happening AND what has happened carries almost all the weight in future happenings. But, we do not have to keep having the same results and this blog is meant to help give you some clarity about how to have different results. 

I studied the Bible for many years, especially the new testament.  Jesus gave so many stories (parables) that people could relate to.  One of my favorites was the ‘Splinter and the Log’ story.  Although it’s short, it packs a punch.


Matthew 7: 2-5

2 For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you look at the splinter in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the log in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the splinter out of your eye,’ while there is still a log in your own? 5 You hypocrite! First, take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from his.


First, let me say that although Jesus was not portrayed as a happy laughing man, I believe he was.  I believe he fully understood the human condition.  I envision him sitting around a fire with his closest friends telling stories like this, animating someone trying to walk around with a log sticking out of his eye. Can you picture a bunch of guys laughing around a fire watching and listening to him?  I don’t believe Jesus was harsh, firm, mean, stoic, judgemental, or wrathful.  He might have acted like that in the temple one time when he flipped over tables, but everyone has their breaking point!

Next, let me say that he does not say “God is judging” or “will judge you.” This parable targets human-to-human interaction AND action for or against self.  From my perspective, he is trying to get us to see that what we send out will come back to us.  What we plant will grow. What we think about we will bring about.  And, if we see the world a certain way, we are probably judging ourselves in that way also.  Do people say you are hard on yourself?  Food for thought and a great topic for another blog.

I believe Jesus was describing The Law of Attraction. This law is simple.  It is NOT a punishment or the negative version of Karma that so many people have.   We don’t live in a world of repulsion, ONLY ATTRACTION.  The more you push against something the more powerful it becomes.  Why do you think more kids are using drugs since our country started the DARE movement? And that is just a small example.  If we make everything a war and a fight, we will always have wars and fighting.  (To my readers, I was taught in college to never use Wikipedia as a reference because it can be changed by anyone at any time.  I am using this as a reference here because it has links to all the studies about this topic in one article.)  


My Realization

Last week I realized something very subtle about my thinking.  I was talking to a friend about how the sale of my house and the buying of another was going.  I was explaining to her that I have been learning about resistance and how I can put up blocks to what I want. In other words, I pinch myself off from incoming desires if I focus in the wrong direction.

During this conversation, my dialogue included me saying at least 2-3 times how I didn’t want to do anything that would slow the process down. Like, “I hope I’m not doing anything that is slowing the process down.” Then I said to her, “Oh my gosh, I just said slow three times!”

Even though my conscious mind was desiring for efficient progress, I was not focused on FAST!  By talking about slow and wondering about slow, I was attracting “slow.”  But can I just tell you the worst part?  It wasn’t even going slow!  I have moved half of my life to Florida, got my house on the market, already had a binder on a new house, and was shooting for an end-of-October closing date!  What was I even saying?! 


I had to backtrack and see where my energy was going, but I also had to see my reality and use my common sense and truth. 

As soon as I began focusing on allowing desires to come in and STOP focusing on fast or slow – things began to move.  Within two days of this beautiful Universal lesson, I got the financing I had been waiting for.  The bank told me it would take 60-90 days and it happened in 13 days.  

Implementing this into your life

When you begin to understand that you are an energetic being & practice using and reading incoming energy through the Law of Attraction,  you will enjoy the ride more.  You will start playing the game and winning at it! You will attract by default, less and less.  And begin attracting everything you want versus hit or miss, sometimes getting what you want and sometimes you don’t.  The Law of Attraction is constant, never failing, never judging, and never wrong.  Practicing your awareness of this law will help you calibrate to your desires, which lead you to a life of ease and satisfaction.

So ask yourself, “what am I attracting?”  Pay close attention to your words, thoughts, and what is showing up in your life.  If you are wondering why something is happening, think about your thoughts.  Listen to your conversations with others.  This is how you change the trajectory of any subject in your life!  Weight loss, finances, relationships, whatever it is!  You have control over where your energy goes and what you are putting out into the world – no matter what the world is doing!  Knowing this is empowering and it is TRUTH that will never fail you.


Happy attracting my beautiful peeps!  Here is a great video to help explain these ideas even better!

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