Exercise ~ Let’s get Moving!!

It should comes as no surprise that research shows that prolonged sitting is associated with many detrimental changes(or lack of when it comes to weight loss) in our bodies including reduced fat metabolism, muscle atrophy, and muscle function. Getting our bodies moving is a habit that is not only good for weight loss, but for the rest of our lives!!

Let’s get moving!

  • Walk if not run to the water fountain H2O is essential for losing and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Instead of emailing or calling your co-worker go for a visit walk across the office or better yet walk downstairs.
  • Store things you need out of reach so you have to get up and walk to get them.
  • Head to the park and have lunch, it is summertime after all.
  • Take standing breaks at home, get up and stretch, and rainy days tend to keep you in the house so be sure to get up that couch and MOVE!
  • Instead of a coffee break take a walking break. Feel free to grab a Ice Coffee for the walk.
  • Make use of your time waiting for copies do wall push-ups.
  • Set your an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up for a short walk every hour or so. Or use a App for your smart phone.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator, always a good option.
  • Park your car a couple of blocks from work, this increases your walking distance.

Just start moving your body, walking, hula hooping, playing hopscotch (get your kid on) are all ways to increase your exercise; it keeps you moving and feeling good. Twenty minutes a day is all it takes. We want you to share and teach at least one friend about the benefits of moving and exercising, and encourage them to increase their activity and improve their healthy habits. It is the positive changes we make every day that have the biggest impact on our health!

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