Food Mood

July 24, 2014, New York  

Can Food Ruin Your Life? Your Mood May Have the Answer.  

While it seems impossible that something as essential to life,such as food, could possibly threaten it, there is evidence that food may adversely affect your entire life…  

Some days you’re perfectly happy and  sometimes you’re downright depressed. Sometimes you’re a little hungry, while other times famished and craving everything. You eat a healthy breakfast but crave junk food all day. Great weekend but lousy Monday at work. You drink coffee to compensate for lack of sleep and a beer or glass of wine to relax. Does this sound familiar?  

While these highs and lows never seem to happen simultaneously, these seemingly unrelated, random issues are seldom considered in a holistic view and, therefore, conceal a self-destructive secret making weight loss trouble seem like a burned-out light bulb: “Food Mood”  

If you didn’t think food had anything to do with your job, your relationship and your enjoyment of life itself, think again! The details are SHOCKING!  

Have you yourself worked despite a headache or feeling ill? How productive were you? Has your mood ever depleted your self-confidence? Ever flown off the handle with your family, spouse or friends? How did any of that work out for you? Now consider that over a long term – permanent!  

You searched in vain for reasons, never suspecting food mood.  

From where do poor moods originate? Start with the diet…  

We assume moods to be psychological. On the contrary, the body has a “mood system” of sorts which influences mood. This is your endocrine system at work.  

Here is a network of glands, a communication network to command body function. Glands send chemical messages called hormones, which regulate everything from storing or burning fat or calories to blood sugar levels. And, when this system gets stressed out, so do you.  

Have you observed someone being “hormonal”? There is a stressed-out, overworked endocrine, abnormally producing hormones which directly influence mood, sleep, stress levels, etc.  

What causes life-destructive moods? The answer lies in the definition of food.  

You may consider anything you ingest is food. This is far from truth. What we eat really doesn’t pass for food. According to one definition “food” involves “nourish” which by the same source means “…supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth”.  

What passes for “food” nowadays are “energy” drinks, alcohol, snacks, and all manner of junk food. These fit the definition of “toxin” which can be found in the dictionary to be “any poison produced by an organism…” Toxins wreak havoc on the endocrine ruining mood and all things influenced by it!  

Toxins passing as food, many diets, cleanses and weight-loss methods, even when they reduce weight, can exacerbate the destruction.  

Once you understand food vs. toxins, this becomes clear. Many diet plans with pre-packaged food or encourage low-fat “processed” foods are actually keeping toxins in the diet.  

Furthermore, cleanses and starvation type diets create mood swings. Blood sugar being one of the endocrine-regulated functions, deterioration of mood and activity is inevitable.  

How to stop “food mood” and its destructive effects on your body and life?  

Eliminate food from your vocabulary. It has too much connotation and stigma associated with it anyway. What you really need is nourishment. Get on a diet that nourishes you.  

The Breakthrough M2 program was devised and compiled based on this premise and, though may have its period of withdrawal from all the toxins, quickly alleviates the food mood. And, with the mood improving, the weight comes off leading to a better body and a better life!  

See for yourself sometime. Check out a Breakthrough M2 Free Weight Loss Seminar to find out more, watch an informative video, or you can always call us with questions (845) 713-4320.

Nutrition – it just may save your life – literally!

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