Jeannine’s Weight Loss Transformation!

I’ve always been very fitness conscious and watched what I eat.  Being a celiac, I’ve become a good /healthy cook and am used to limitations!!!


8 years ago, I lost my mother suddenly and took a year’s journey settling her estate.


During this time I was very busy and though I don’t want to say that I neglected my fitness, it definitely took a backseat.
In a state of grief, I would say a couple of years, I wasn’t particularly careful about watching my wine or my portions when eating.


I did not weigh myself because my clothes still fit, though not like before. I didn’t think much of it at the time.
In addition, I turned 50 and that was a marked change in my metabolism as well.


When I finally stepped on the scale, I realized that I had gained about 25 pounds and my blood pressure was high after a doctor visit. My mom died of a heart attack and stroke and suffered high blood pressure most of her adult life. This scared me.


I immediately went into weight watchers and initially took off about 18 pounds, but I could never get lower than 146. I had accepted that this was my new weight. I attributed it to lifting very heavy weights, and changing my workout routine.


The long and short of it is that some of that weight gain, though I became very muscular, was settling into my mid section and making my clothes not fit well. I hated not being able to tuck things in comfortably.
I believed that due to my age (now 57) it was something you just accept, but it was making me frustrated and unhappy.


I worked out more but that has become harder because I’ve had numerous ligament tears and issues with arthritis as well.


I felt that I needed to restart, and after watching my sister lose a significantly large amount of weight on this program.
I also decided that I would make some changes and maybe it was a program for me even though I really wanted to only shed about 20 pounds which I couldn’t seem to do before.


I immediately called Linda and was inspired.


I have been absolutely thrilled with the results. I have taken off 22 pounds, in all the right places, and some of the thickness that I put on in the weight lifting has trimmed down as well, without losing my muscle!
I’m grateful for the journey with Breakthrough M2 because it has taught me the realistic portion control in every way. I was way over eating my protein, along with potatoes and clearly I am going to have to watch my sugar intake. It has been a wonderful education in every way regarding foods and what the body responds too.


I realize that I was not as clean in my eating, and it has given me a great view and insight into the toxicity of alcohol.


I believe this will change the way that I cook, and eat going forward, because I have felt absolutely fantastic, and I don’t want to ever return to the frustration of not being able to fit comfortably in my own clothes again.
In addition, the hip pain that I was having from arthritis and ligament tears hasn’t bothered me in weeks!


I have learned that even at 57, it is possible to get your waist line back, and there are no excuses.


When you want it , you will make it happen!!!!

with gratefulness and appreciation, Jeannine

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