Karen lost 63 lbs with Breakthrough M2!

“Almost a year ago I started on this journey with my husband to lose weight.

(My husband met his goal weight very fast, but that was ok because he was still there for me for the rest of journey ❤️) We were each other’s support system along with Linda, our coach. I can proudly say that I am down 63 pounds and feel like a whole new person.
It has taken me quite a while to get to the point, but I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person. I don’t ever want to go back to where I was before I started this program. I am having so much fun shopping for new clothes and feeling confident in the clothes now that I am wearing. But most of all, I feel good about myself.  I have more energy than I ever did before.
I could not have done this with out the support of my husband giving me the encouragement and being by my side. And for Coach Linda with our weekly phone meetings, they have helped me tremendously especially when the scale wasn’t moving. At times, she reminded me that the “non scale victories” are extremely important and mean more than a number. And that is very very true.
But not only to check on me to see how my weight was going, but to see sometimes just how life in general was going which meant and still means a lot me. I have had my struggles at times on the program. But in all reality, this was the best thing I could have ever done to get healthy and feel better about myself.
It is so important to have a good support system and a coach to touch base with. If you follow the program correctly, you will have wonderful results and a new mindset.
Next week, I will be finished with my transition phase and will be moving to maintenance. I am both excited and nervous. I know with what I have learned being in this program and my support from husband and Linda that I will be ok in maintenance. 😊“- Rochester M2 Member, Karen (May 2023) 

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