Keeping the weight off…that’s my issue

Hey, Nan here! One of the biggest issues I hear about in the weight loss industry is the fact that people say they can lose but have a difficult time keeping the weight off.  

During my diet years, there were two reasons why I struggled with keeping my weight off.  I didn’t know how to go from diet life to non-diet life in a sustainable way.  Struggling with this led me back to my old habits and routines which was why I was unhealthy and overweight in the first place. The second reason I had a hard time keeping the weight off was that I didn’t understand the process the body goes through after a fat loss. Are you in one or both of these categories?

The need for sustainability

I had dieted for many years, doing everything from LA Weight Loss to Nutrisystem to Medi-Fast to taking stuff from GNC.  I lost weight but I wasn’t successful in keeping the weight off because none of the avenues I chose were sustainable for me in real life.   I didn’t want to eat pre-packaged food, spend lots of money on supplement subscriptions, or put crazy stimulants in my body anymore. I could only stand the shakes, bars, and meals for so long, and because everything was being provided, I didn’t learn how to shop, prep, or cook in a way that was sustainable.  For me, these options were just a quick fix.  

Those programs didn’t help me develop different habits or create a lifestyle where I was taking charge of my wellbeing.  I leaned on their food, their structure, and their rules – none of which included me or my efforts.  I didn’t know how to convert the calories/fat/portions of a packaged meal into a dinner I could easily shop for and prepare.  I wasn’t really taking responsibility for myself and I wasn’t putting much thought into how I was losing weight; therefore, I wasn’t able to easily continue the lifestyle I had been doing to lose weight after I stopped their programs.

I had no idea how the body worked.

In 2011, my biggest defeat was after coming off Medi-fast.  I lost 35 pounds in 4 months and in 5 weeks, I gained back 20!  This was so devastating because for once, I wasn’t cheating, I wasn’t going back to old habits, I was really trying.  I went back to the gym, I was still eating chicken, brown rice, and broccoli.  The weight piled back on and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  Well…in 2012, I learned:

  • there are different types of fat in the body. 
  • that the body needs time to reabsorb empty fat cells.  
  • there is a time frame needed for that process to happen.  
  • that fat wasn’t the issue but carbs and sugar were. 
  • how or why I needed to ease back into certain food groups.  
  • that if I ignored those rules, keeping the weight off would be almost impossible!

I found sustainability!

I read Dr. Simeons’ protocol. It made sense, it was scientific, it was natural, it gave me the opportunity to take control of my outcome. I literally put myself into an adult time-out – a time-out from processed foods, alcohol, late nights, dehydration, skipping meals, and self-sabotage. The results I saw on the scale were awesome, so I paid attention and was motivated to take full responsibility.  

  • I shopped for and prepared my own food.
  • I kept fully hydrated.
  • I rested and got my sleep. 
  • I was consistent with my supplements. 
  • When the scale wasn’t moving, I stayed strong.
  • I had to practice new ways of dealing with stress that didn’t involve food.

These were all great habits and tools that were going to help me be successful for years to come. When I saw how good I felt and how much energy I had, I wanted more and I knew it was possible. His protocol helped me design a lifestyle that incorporated many key elements I needed to stay healthy and sustain my weight loss. 

I lost 50 pounds in 65 days!

Keeping the weight off is possible

A low-calorie, low-fat diet is not sustainable for life, but it is sustainable for a time frame.  When there is guidance on how to logically move from one step to the next, learning how to lose, maintain, eat healthily, and even splurge once in a while (without falling back into destructive eating habits,)  then sustaining weight loss IS possible.

Our goal is to help our clients become self-reliant and successful. We are a diet company that wants our clients to STOP dieting once they have gained new tools, results, and the confidence to fly on their own!

To read Dr. Simeons’ full protocol, click here. Thank you for reading today and if you have any questions, please comment below! Have a great day!

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