Making peace with yourself is NOT settling!

I listen to Abraham Hicks on a daily basis.  She has so much wisdom, and every day, I receive something that helps me.  The topic of a talk I recently heard, was about making peace with myself For some reason, the topic was not sitting well with me. So, I began exploring why I wouldn’t want to embrace this topic that should be bringing me ease and comfort, how I was interpreting the words “making peace with myself,” and why this always works out for the person that practices this self-love technique.  If this makes you curious, please keep reading because I found this very helpful and liberating!


I was eager to hear Abraham’s take on this topic because as far as I was concerned, making peace with myself was scary!  Why? Because I will soon be acquiescing to a life that I am settling for, accepting mediocre results, and just getting worse at the things I want to improve. In fact, making peace with something is equivalent to ignoring the problem instead of going after it.  I believed that if I started making peace with myself it was as a form of giving up on myself.


After thinking a little more, I realized that my resistance to peace within fell into a belief system that said “everything has to be hard.”  If I am going to overcome bad habits or procrastination, I need to get mad, yell at myself, or even talk negatively about how I have not reached my goal.  Acting this way comes naturally to me because I was raised to believe that life is hard, we must work hard, making money is hard, no pain no gain…blah, blah, blah!  And boy, I was hard on myself!  But, it doesn’t have to be that way because that belief system is incorrect and outdated!


The first thing I did was recognizing that the phrases “making peace with myself” and “settling for less” is totally different.  That phrase doesn’t say make peace with accepting less in life, and it certainly doesn’t say settle for things you don’t want in your life.  It does say, however, to make peace with myself, meaning don’t be mean and talk bad about myself.  I’m allowed to have everything I want and it doesn’t have to be hard and I don’t have to fight to get everything I want either.


Accepting this way of thinking helped me realize that I was pinching myself off to a more successful, healthier life!  One of the negative emotional patterns I found myself in pertained to how I wanted to reach my goal weight.  I lost some weight doing the diet a while back, put a few pounds back on, and then began telling myself that I should lose the weight by doing the diet.  Because I live in the BTM2 diet world every day, I felt like it was my duty to do the diet and then begin living then begin 90-10 lifestyle, in that order.  Because I wasn’t willing to do the diet again, I was telling myself I had no right to begin living the 90-10 lifestyle!  That was crazy!  Why would I think like that? 


This pattern of thinking literally made me feel restricted and stuck. And focusing on having to do the diet, but not wanting to, actually made me feel like I was not going to be successful in any other attempt to lose weight and live more healthy on my own.  And then my focus became how I wasn’t going to lose weight because I wasn’t willing to do the diet!  AHHH! 


If you know anything about the law of attraction, you can see why I continued on my path to NOT reaching my goal.  The law of attraction says that whatever you focus on grows.  It becomes stronger, it perpetuates.   And me not living a healthier lifestyle was exactly what I kept doing.  I had no positive momentum to do anything good for myself.  


But, once I made peace with my decision of how not doing the diet was ok and that I could live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight without the diet, I began to see small changes in my attitude and choices.  I can say that now, I am slowly but surely manifesting a better body day by day. 


I had to be at peace with my decision.  I had to be happy with myself and the scale, and at the same time, know that it is my choices that will help me continue to make differences that will affect the scale and my health. 


Once I made peace with myself, I stopped talking mean to myself, and I stopped putting myself down. I started loving the woman in the mirror.  And I started becoming more confident in myself again.  I was able to define what making peace with myself meant, and I challenge you to write your own definition.


Making peace with myself is all about letting myself off the hook for not being exactly where I think I should be.  Letting go of how I didn’t meet certain goals at certain times and understanding that I can and should be happy with myself right where I am at. This means that I am stopping the mental bombardment of the negative “should’a, could’a, would’as.”  


Making peace with myself also means that I can be happy no matter what!  Finding things to be happy about is a choice.  Choosing happiness because there are always things that I can appreciate or make me smile.  And why is this so important? Because when I choose happiness, I am aligned with the best part of me. When I choose happiness, I am aligning with high vibrational energy.


Being aligned with the best part of me is the key to future success and more happiness.  My highest inner being is always happy and appreciative.  And when I am aligned with that same positive emotional energy, my inner being has promised me that I will receive whatever I ask for.  Why? In our world that is governed by the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. My energy is high, so I will attract only those things that match it!  That is why people who practice this self-love technique never fail! 

Make peace with yourself, NOT war. It’s so much easier!

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