Muffin Tops are not accessories!

Ok, so I need to make sure everyone knows my intent with this blog.  I don’t believe in body shaming or having anything to do with people feeling like they have to be in the background because of their weight.  The number on the scale has nothing to do with a person’s heart and mind.  I know firsthand how it feels to let opportunities and life itself pass me by because I was standing in the shadows afraid to come out – embarrassed about my weight and how I looked.

I also know how to pick myself up, go back to college at age 30 as a mother of three and being a waitress, get a Master’s degree at age 36 and get tenure at a great high school because I was not allowing 205 pounds to define what I could accomplish.

The reason for this blog is to say that although I commend people for being comfortable in the skin they are in, and not caring about what other people think, I feel that the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, whereas people feel that because they are comfortable and they don’t care, they are fine.

In reality, they are not fine.  The stress and excess weight is not good for them.  The toxic fat and usually the unhealthy lifestyle and/or food choices they have made or are still making has a negative impact on their entire life, not just how they feel about themselves out in public.

At BTM2, we understand how life gets away from people, and during that time their health is not a priority.  We also understand that even after you have tried to undo the mistakes of the past, the scale does not cooperate like you think it should.  You gave up dairy, gluten, and sugar.  You’ve added exercise and stopped drinking so much coffee, and the scale stays the same…ugh! If this is you, we get it.  Sometimes, we just need a reset and that is what our program has been for thousands of people.

So love where you’re at in life and who you are, but also, love your body and help it be lighter and less toxic.  You’ll be less tired and have more energy.  I promise you’ll have even more confidence because action steps toward better health are empowering and beautiful expressions of true self-love.


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