Self-Discipline is liberating!

Self-Discipline: the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses; the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.

Discipline: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior

Self-discipline. One of the top hopes for people that I meet is that they will have self-discipline when it comes to portions, trigger foods, eating in general. When I was overweight, I viewed my jelly belly, love handles, back fat and wavy arms as an outward sign people could visibly see that proved my lack of self-discipline. That was one of the biggest reasons I wore layers and covered up so much. Weight loss allows us to feel that we have self-discipline. Weight loss makes us feel that we are in control again and weight loss helps us feel empowered. We can do other things now that we have confidence that we’ll do what we say we’re going to do. And if we can lose weight, which seems to be the hardest thing ever, maybe just maybe we can allow ourselves to think about other things that we would like to do, since our biggest thing to do has been accomplished.

So, what is self-discipline? If you look at that terrific definition above, a person is self-disciplined when they pursue what is right even though they are tempted to abandon it. I think that sums it up. But also, self-discipline can be looked at as training. Most definitions of discipline include the idea of punishment, which I will not. Because there are plenty of examples where discipline does not involve punishment.

Discipline is freedom. If we develop this beautiful quality, it can lead to so many other things. Think about it. The idea of discipline is also used for a school of study and acquired education and training. If we develop a discipline in music. Oh, what freedom it is to sit down at the piano and just play! Wouldn’t it be amazing to go to a social function and be able to focus on the people and the event and just have a couple drinks, a few passed hors d’oeuvre, and not completely be salivating over when dessert is coming? Any type of discipline takes time, focus, perseverance, and absolute stick-to-itiveness.

Suck it up butter cup! So listen, if being great was easy, everyone would be great. But in all reality, it’s more like the 80/20 rule – 80% of the population lives status-quo and 20% live a Level -10-Life or they are at least striving to do so! You cannot move into 20% land if you keep making excuses for yourself, not taking responsibility for your TWA’s (thoughts, words, actions), or quite honestly continuing with the practice of walking blindly and mindlessly with the poor me victim attitude.

Mindset needed, Decision made, Nothing deters. When I went into this weight loss program, I did not go into it thinking I was going to be as successful as I was. I had been on so many diets and failed, I was just hoping that I too would see results like my aunt did. What I did do though, was made a promise to myself. I was not used to making promises to myself and keeping them, because when I did, no one knew I made the promise, therefore I could break them without anyone knowing that either! But this time, I promised myself that I would finish and do everything the rules said I had to do. If I wasn’t successful then at least I could walk away and say I really did try. I just wanted to do the 6 weeks and play full on without cheating. At one point, I was P.M.S’ing and I baked a homemade chocolate cake (ganache icing, too), served it to my family, tried a bite and then ran to sink, spit it out, rinsed with water, and said NOT AGAIN. It is not worth it. Even though I hadn’t 100% believed that I was going to successful, I did make up my mind and not let anything put a crack in my armor – that chocolate cake almost did it though. My mind was set, my decision was made, I was not letting anything deter me (even Thanksgiving)!

Self-Integrity is self-discipline If you say you’re going to do something, stop thinking it’s ok to not do it. It’s not okay. If that’s how you handle the most important thing you have – your health – where else in your life do you see that same attitude? I bet if you start paying attention, you will see that the “I can break my own promises to myself” attitude pervades like cancer throughout many parts of your life! The other day I was speaking to a client that has lost over 120 pounds! The one thing she said on that call which blew me away was, “When I started this program, I told myself that there is no way I am NOT doing this diet!” Her laser focus, mindset, and level of self-integrity earned BIG results. Self-integrity is you building trust up for you! How many people say they are reluctant to do this program because they don’t trust themselves when they come off, or when they get to step 4 Transition, they are riddled with anxiety because they think they are going to mess it up just like all the other times. Pay attention to how many promises you have kept during your journey (keep a journal of kept promises). Don’t assume you are the same person. Once you see that you can be trusted, you will not be so afraid to move forward in life.

Developing this AMAZING characteristic of Self-Discipline – Nan Style I really want my clients to move to higher planes on all fronts – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. One of my most favorite quotes I recently learned from a client is “You can’t use old keys to open new doors.” [Celina Poole] So, how do you set yourself up for NEW success? I am convinced that people need to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. This must be done so that when you rise in the morning you can set your intentions for an amazing day!

  • Start with your “I am’s” and your Self-Love statement; this is a great time to include praying or meditating.
  • State what you are going to accomplish this day! We are calling them the “I’m Do-ings”
  • Say your “thankfuls” and make new “thankfuls” daily
  • Do some movement: stretching, dry brushing before a shower, 2 minutes of gentle bouncing on the balls of your feet in the morning, or 10-minute detox yoga (look on YouTube!)

A few rules:

  • Do not let this become rote…same thing…boring…doing it just to check it off the list…
  • DO NOT allow the world to come into your alone time until YOU ARE DONE. You have control over this! Turn your phone off at night and get a real alarm clock. Don’t open the computer, look at texts, emails, TV, news, etc. Do NOT let anyone else’s sad stories, issues, or needs infiltrate your “positive intention- ME-time”!
  • Get out of your own head! Combat the negative chatter. Catch yourself saying something ugly? GREAT! You’ll do it less every time you become aware of the negative, unsupportive behavior and chatter. Believe me, you’re a step closer to breaking that bad habit. Turn it into an “I am” that combats the negative pattern.

Could I write a 10 -step formula and fill your head with cool ideas that you won’t do for very long? …YUP, but I won’t because it’s just more to do and none of us will keep up with it anyway. The things I’ve suggested here are mindsets, attitudes, and positive beliefs that help attract positive energy back to you! Doing that stuff is foundational to building a solid soul that is disciplined. Self-Discipline leads to self-integrity which leads to self-confidence which leads to bigger and better self-accomplishments because you are now daring to dream about what else you can complete! Let this positive flow begin and remember… don’t let small defeats take you out. Don’t be tempted to listen to negative chatter and trust in old belief systems…you are better than that!

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