Strength from Within Defines You

Strength Within You

Strength Within You

Breakthrough is so much more than just a diet. We are a community of like-minded individuals who have to come together to fight our toughest fight. Let your Strength define You!

Spring and Summer bring a lot of celebrations and as most of you know, celebrations mean food. Lots and lots of food. We are challenged every day in a decision to stay the course or take a little detour. This past week one of our Breakthrough-er’s was faced with a big celebration (one that she had been looking forward to for sometime), and was already contemplating on how to cheat on the day of the celebration. She threw it out there to hear what other’s in our Private Group had to say and offer

as advice and insight. Responses were many and varied, valid and terrific. First, let’s give a big high five to the brave breakthrough-er who posted the question, I am so proud of her. She revealed her thoughts and feelings. Responding with grace and acceptance, this breakthrough-er realized the path she was being led down. Second, I want to thank those of you who responded to her post. Your honesty and respect is very appreciated. This was such an incredible visualization of who we are; a community willing to share their opinions and experience, not because they want to be heard, but because we are all genuinely willing to help one another.

So, as a result of this conversation, the Breakthrough community showed their unity and our brave Breakthrough-er had a huge victory! Before the exchange, our breakthrough-er was more than ready to stay in the “right state of mind” and indulge in her desires. Thankfully, there were many on the left, the “NO WAY! You can NOT cheat!” side of the spectrum, and as expected, a few middle-men. There is strength in many.  (Sidebar: Just so you all know, Brian and I will always take the left-side stance!)

The party came and went, but I must admit, I was overly curious to know what she did. Luckily, she posted that evening, exclaiming how proud she was of herself! Although she had a few small things, she did nothing crazy like she has assumed! Thinking ahead of her timeline, she brought some things home to freeze and save for a later date. We were happy to know that this breakthrough-er took Brian’s advice, to make the day about family and NOT food, and it is so obvious that she did! The strength within prevailed and I’m so happy for her.

This breakthrough-er learned so much about herself that day; how strong she really is, and that her journey is far from over and it may not be perfect, but she had reached a huge step and overcame it like a champ!

THAT IS WHAT OUR PROGRAM IS ALL ABOUT! Yes, it is about weight loss and getting healthy. Maybe for some it’s about skinnier jeans and feeling sexier. But more so than any of those things, it’s about finding out about who YOU are! We want you to find your inner badass again, your strength and realize that you are so much stronger than you know! To realize that you CAN be trusted to make good choices for yourself, and you can get your mojo back! It comes from the strength within you and only you.

If any current Breakthrough client is reading this Blog post and is not part of our private page, please private message Nanette DeGroat on Facebook so we can add you to the page, if you are not a Breakthrough M2 Client but are considering a weight loss plan, please download your FREE PLAN and make some time to find out about us. This is so much more than a diet, we are a community of like-minded people who support and help one another through one of the toughest journey’s most of us will take during our life. We help people get their breakthrough.

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