Sugar and Other Dirty Words

a/k/a  the “S” Word

  Let’s talk about sugar and other dirty words. Did you know that our bodies, the human body only needs about 3 teaspoons of sugar per day, to keep our bloods sugars regulated?  Three teaspoons that’s it. But there is so much added sugar in the foods we eat. One of the reasons we don’t realize that it’s there is because it’s disguised. It’s there in plain sight, but they (retailers, food manufacturers)  don’t use the word “S” word, they use other dirty words.

During the Breakthrough weight loss program, your consumption of any of the real sugars like dextrose, sucrose, or any of the other real stuff, should be zero (less than 1 gram per day).  Why do I say this? The vanilla powder that Breakthrough sells has trace amounts of dextrose.  For this reason, we only allow you to use 1 – 2  tablespoons, per day, of the vanilla powder.  But remember, it all adds up (3 teaspoons is not a lot).   You are also consuming sugar with your fruit and veggies.

Did  you know that over 80 % of all products in your local grocery store have added sugar or artificial sweeteners (a.k.a. toxins)? Your best defense when it comes to being aware of what you are consuming, is to be a  label reader. The more aware of what you are consuming the better off you will be.  Be informed!  It’s the best defense. Remember, no added sugar (in any form).

Staying away from artificial ingredients, additives, and preservatives also serves you well, you are investing in your future health, there is no need to use the artificial stuff. It’s just bad! Bad for you, bad to you. Just say NO!

Let’s start being label readers, when you read a label you are looking for any word that ends in “ose”. These are the dirty words, (a.k.a the common names for sugar). Fructose (corn sugar or high fructose corn syrup), erythritol (sugar alcohol),  dextrose, sucrose (table sugar), and maltodextrin.

Now that were label readers, we really want you to be aware of  SUCRALOSE; this ingredient is in a lot of products, including chewing gum.   SUCRALOSE is an artificial sweetener, and no matter how good it tastes, it’s artificial! Artificial is never good, and this artificial ingredienis highly detrimental to the intestinal wall and gut health. Being aware of the ingredients in the products you consume is sometimes half the battle.


Sugar is not your friend, and any friend of sugar’s is not a friend of ours.  If it ends in “ose” or isn’t real, you should not have it.

***Next Week on Blog ~ More Label Reading.

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