Taking other vitamins or supplements while on this program

Ok, so Dr. Simeons always told his patients to stop all other vitamins and supplements while on the HCG protocol.  Our food supply is different now and people are already deficient in many nutrients when staring their diet.  That is why Breakthrough M2 highly recommends making sure you take extra supplements while on this program.

Let’s start with a multivitamin:  please make sure it is food/plant-based.  These types of vitamins are highly absorbable by the body unlike the hard Centrum or One-a-Day brands.

Vitamin D:  NOT just any type of Vitamin D. But it must be Vitamin D3, not D2.  D2 is not made by humans and is not utilized by body like D3.

Fish Oils:  For some people, the jury is still out on using fish oils/omegas.  Do your own research on this topic, as there is a lot out there.  If you have seen positive benefits from using them, then continue, and they are fine to incorporate into the Breakthrough M2 Program.

Probiotics: Most Americans have compromised intestinal walls.  They are being attacked daily by foreign substances in our environment, medications, food, and water supply.  Many of us do not have enough good Flora in our intestines and we need to add them into our diet.  Where can we get probiotics?  One source is natural yogurt, but you can’t have yogurt while on this program, so what can you do?  You can buy probiotics, but you must get them from your health food store.  They are expensive but worth it….OR you can make your own! Cultured vegetables is like coleslaw without the mayonnaise.  They cabbage based and when you are done, you have your live cultured vegetables that your body will thank you for.

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