Tenacity with the Breakthrough M2 Program

One of the reasons why this diet is difficult is because you have to stay focused 100% of the time, even when you are coming close to the finish line.

Many of us, naturally tend to slack off when we see the light at the end of tunnel, but this diet will not let you get away with that, and it’s annoying. The other thing that happens is when people go back to the diet to lose more weight, they are not as successful as the first time. A few reasons for this are 1.) you don’t have as much weight to lose 2.) you don’t have the same mental edge because you are no longer “sick of how you look,” so when things get tough or you get stressed and want to eat, you do. 3.) people don’t follow all the rules of the diet with the same tenacity as they did before, and they think the body should respond in the same it did the first time, but it doesn’t.

So with all that being said, this diet forces you to be on top of your game at all times, and if your not you won’t reap the rewards that you think you’re entitled to.

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