Tips to make this program easier

  • Buy large packages of meat, weigh out, cook (when possible, I wouldn’t pre-cook hamburgers, but if I wanted  ground beef or taco meat I would pre-cook that), put everything in Ziploc bags and freeze.  Do 14 meals a week.
  • Have your 14 fruit portions and veggies portioned and ready also.
  • Keep a box of breadsticks at work and at home.
  • Carry one large container of water with you for the day.  Mark the container so you know how much you have to drink.
  • Make your cabbage soup, salsa, and/or salad dressings once a week.
  • Every Sunday, look at your week in glance, prepare ahead mentally as to how you will handle upcoming events and schedule changes.
  • Feed yourself before you feed the Brood 🙂
  • Once in a while, let the husband or babysitter take kids go out to eat and you take a bath.
  • Don’t burn food smelling candles.

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