Transformation on a Cellular Level!

There is so much transformation happening for your body and mind during your Breakthrough M2 weight loss journey!

You will literally be changing at a cellular level as you progress.  If you’re like many of our clients, losing weight is attainable, but they are fearful about gaining weight back as soon as they stop the low-calorie portion of the diet. I want to prove to them that they are different and have leveled up! I remind them that their body never needed their muffin top, so it won’t be in a rush to put it back.  In fact, I say, “Your cells even experienced this transformation, so don’t be anxious or worried about weight gain!”

The picture I’ve placed with this blog is a great representation of what happens biologically in the body.  The body is an amazing structure that is perfectly designed.  When we have habits of overindulging or come into contact with substances that our body cannot easily detoxify from, our cells have the awesome ability to create little hands on the edge of the cell wall to compensate for excess or harmful molecules.

When you go on our program, your cells have the ability to release the substances from those compensation hands.  Within a couple of weeks, the hands die off and the body reabsorbs them.  Your cells are then able to function properly without the extra weight of those hands and toxic molecules.  That’s why I can say that you are a different person even down to a cellular level.

When these compensation hands dissolve, you will notice the change in Step 4 and beyond.  An example of what I’m talking about goes something like this:  “Nan, I used to have dairy all the time.  I had yogurt the other day for the first time since I started the program.  I immediately felt bloated and even a little achy in my joints.  I knew it was from the yogurt, but why? I was eating it before the diet.”

This person probably had bloating and achiness when they first ate dairy but didn’t attribute any symptoms to it.  As they made this a regular staple in their diet, the body had to create those hands to deal with the inflammation it was experiencing,  which helped the person build up a tolerance toward it.

While on the BTM2 weight loss program, our clients stop eating most foods that typically cause inflammation, so the compensation hands that were created to deal with these foods slowly died off because they were no longer needed.  During Step 4, you will be able to add back in many of your favorite foods, but if these foods are not tolerable, you will experience the symptoms clearly and rapidly.   You will immediately realize that this is not a beneficial food to eat from the clear sign your body sends.

When you eliminate foods that are inflammatory, you have the opportunity to kill off those compensation hands. Here is 1 tip to help you target foods that might be causing inflammation:

Find out how to Eat Right 4 your Blood Type. Get to know what foods are beneficial or to avoid for your daily eating. If you don’t know your blood type, you can easily find out by doing an at home & very accurate blood type kit. Find that here!

Once you know, you can purchase a physical handbook specific for your type.

Or just download the app to review your food lists!

This information is so helpful in the step 4 and beyond phases. Let us know below if you’ve found great success with following your blood type guidelines.

So much weight and lots of inches are lost on this program, and simultaneously, so much is gained!

The scale shows a different number, your clothes are a different size, you have a different attitude about portion sizes, quality of food, and where your boundaries are when it comes to eating and enjoying holidays and events.  Transformation happens on many levels with BTM2, and that is why so many of our clients have testimonials about not only losing weight but keeping their weight off, too!

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  1. Deborah Dorvil says

    Yes! It DEFINITELY helped me to see what is INFLAMMATORY To my bOdy and what to stay away From so i can avoid achiness! thanks!!