Water Intake and Weight Loss – How Much Should I Drink?

There are so many factors when it comes to our weight loss journey. At the obvious root of losing weight, we have to consider calories in and calories burned, stress, the kind of foods we’re eating, the amount of quality sleep we get every night, and so…so much more. Finding the perfect balance of what, how often, and when to eat, right along with our need to find that perfect mental support to help us power through the important life changes we need to make can be a lot to process. Let’s take a look at one very important factor when it comes to trimming down our weight: your water intake! Water intake and weight loss have a relationship that is oftentimes overlooked when we start our weight loss journey, and it’s one we should pay closer attention to!

Water Intake and Weight Loss – Understanding the Relationship

So you’ve made the decision to really change the way you look at food; that’s a big change, and it takes a lot of hard work. The way we all look at the things we eat, and in many cases, how we use food to comfort and help support us through stressful times can turn out to be our biggest issue when it comes to our weight. When it comes to water intake and weight loss, ensuring you’re drinking enough of that life sustaining liquid means you’re supporting your physical health and getting on the right track towards better health and wellness. 

But why is water so important for weight loss? How does the volume of water you’re drinking affect your weight loss goals? Remember, over 60% of your body is made of water – that’s huge! Several studies support the fact that drinking the right amount of water means your body has the H2O it needs to process and function properly. That includes those physical processes that assist in weight loss and metabolizing calories. 

Check out some of the ways that drinking the correct amount of water can help you lose weight:

  • Suppressing your appetite – When we’re hungry, we often reach for the snacks. But did you know that mild dehydration is sometimes mistaken as hunger by the brain? That means for many, that first twinge of hunger is actually your need to drink some refreshing water. Drinking water instead of grabbing for the chips can also help satiate you. This satisfies your hunger by filling your tummy, and triggering your brain into thinking you’ve eaten. In a study done in 2014, a sample group drank 500 Ml of water right before meals in addition to their regular water intake. Over the course of 8 weeks, participants observed weight loss, lower body mass index, and a decrease in body fat.
how can water help me lose weight

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels How can water help me lose weight? It’s a bit of a loaded question, but dehydration can cause serious negative effects on our physical and mental health

  • Increase in energy and calorie burning In another 2014 study, individuals who drank 500 mL of water experienced a 2-3% increase in caloric burn up to 90 minutes after drinking! Some experts theorize that drinking cold water vs room temperature water may increase their calorie burning efficiency even further, as the body expends energy warming the water during the digestion process.
  • Flushing toxins and waste – Not only do we need enough water to flush out our kidneys and keep waste moving in the right direction, but dehydration can mean retention of waste, bloating, and discomfort. It’s hard to stay positive when our bodies don’t feel good physically. Drinking enough water can help flush out all the waste, added toxins, and other chemicals or byproducts our bodies produce as we eat healthy and break down that unwanted weight. 
  • Help beat fatigue and stress – Being dehydrated can create a lot of physical and mental health challenges. Dehydration is linked to fatigue and can cause a higher production of cortisol. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, can cause an increase in blood sugar, may suppress your immune system, and it’s role in your body’s health can be detrimental if your body thinks you’re in a constant state of alertness. 
  • Water is essential to burn fatLipolysis is the biomechanical process that takes place when our bodies break down fat using enzymes and water. Dehydration prohibits your body from utilizing this fat burning process to the best of its ability.

When it comes down to it, drinking enough water should be a priority no matter where we stand in our weight loss or wellness journeys. It’s an essential component  of everyday life, and it’ll help you think clearer and feel better. After all, a clear and rested mind can be pivotal in helping to overcome the way we think about what we put in our bodies. Feeling better is a multi-step process, one that requires dedication, forgiveness, and self reflection! Ensuring we’re drinking enough water is one simple, incredibly beneficial way we can start taking back control of how we feel physically, and mentally!

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