Help Nan spend $23 Grand!

Winner:  2nd Quarter

Help Nan spend $23 Grand!

Hey, Nan here! If I spend $23 GRAND on referrals in 2023, that means YOU ALL will have shared our program with over 1,100 NEW Breakthrough M2 Members who decided to start their Weight Loss to Wellness Journey! That is so exciting!

So with that being said, Breakthrough M2 is running a 2023 referral contest!

It will run 4 times during the year starting on January 1st!   If you accumulate the most referrals in a 3-month time frame – you will win a prize of a $150 Visa Gift Card or a set of Breakthrough M2 Dual Weight Management Supplement Drops (retail value $249).

And…you can win more than once throughout the year!

We have made it even easier to make sure you get YOUR CREDIT for referring others!

We have added a feature to your Online Dashboard that says “Get Personal Affiliate Code.”

To request your Personal Affiliate Code, log on to your Breakthrough M2 Online Dashboard.   Click “Get Personal Affiliate Code” (yellow arrow below), fill out the request form, and a Breakthrough M2 office member will send you your personal code via email and/or text message.

When a family member, friend, co-worker, or stranger asks you how you met your weight loss goal, share your Affiliate Code with them so they can use it as a one-time coupon to receive a $10 discount on their New Client Package purchase. The use of your personal Affiliate Code easily ensures you get the $20 credit on your dashboard!

Click this link to request your personal Affiliate Code right NOW! 

But wait…there’s more!

When redeeming your referral credit on your Online Dashboard, you can choose the coupon option to UPGRADE your $20 referral to a $25 coupon for the Breakthrough M2 Online Store. (black arrow below) You can start earning $25 NOW on any referral coupon request!

AND….You can also earn a $25 coupon for products on our website if you submit Before and After Photos and a Testimonial.

To do this, easily click “Submit Testimonial” through your Breakthrough M2 Online Dashboard. (green arrow below) We’ll receive your submission and send you your coupon code via text and/or email!

Lastly, we added a “Refer a Friend” button! (blue arrow below) Simply click this button, add your friend’s first and last name with their email, & they’ll start receiving introductory information about the Breakthrough M2 program!

Thank you for being a part of our weight loss to wellness community & sharing the good news of health with others!

There’s more excitement coming in 2023, but this is just the beginning!


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