Get over it!

In recognition of National “Get over it” day, I want to encourage you to get over it!  

It’s such a rude phrase, but let’s put a positive spin on this!  How about getting over old habits, old beliefs, getting over the unworthy, settle-for-less mindset, and getting over the sloppy thinking patterns! 

I am writing this blog to myself, and I hope it resonates with you too!

Our emotional guidance system is the ONE tool that we need to be experts in paving a new future.  Our emotions are guiding us every second of the day.  If we learn to listen to that guidance system, we will become the masters of our destiny instead of life happening to us. Life can happen with us and for us!

As a 50-year-old, I am learning about this guidance system, and I am just touching on the tip of this beautiful iceberg! This new way of thinking and knowing is powerful.  Our thoughts and feelings are vibrational. Those vibrations go out and attract like vibrations back to us.  If you want to know what you are putting out into the universe, look at your life, but I warn you, do NOT just look at the bad stuff!   

We are humans, and how it usually goes is something like this: Sometimes we are thinking good. Sometimes bad. Sometimes our thinking is limited and sometimes our thinking is in abundance. All that back and forth thinking brings us a buffet of results, circumstances, and situations. So the key is to be keenly aware of our thoughts and emotions.  When we find ourselves thinking in directions that make us uncomfortable, it is important to redirect our thoughts.  

The great thing about our guidance system is that our emotions are the perfect indicators. And if we accept that we are vibrational beings, we can start using this LAW to our advantage.  (Everything I speak about comes from the teachings of Abraham Hicks.  You will also find her up on YouTube).  


Breakthrough M2 is in the weight loss arena, so how can this apply to your weight loss journey?

Let’s start here

What are your thoughts and feelings when you look in the mirror?  Do you see a beautiful person who is a giver, a lover, a doer, an ass-kicker?  Do you give yourself credit or are you just not very positive and loving to that person you see in the mirror?

When someone gives you a compliment is your “not at your goal yet,” reply “thank you, but I’ve got a lot more to go,” or do you say “Thank you, I’m getting better and better every day.”?

Do your thoughts and words focus on where you have been or where you want to be?  Do your thoughts and words focus on who you have been or on who you are becoming?  How can you change thoughts and mindsets that have been with you for decades? 


It must happen in baby steps…


  • Baby Step 1 

Intend daily on being AWARE of your guidance system.  This could take a few days or a few weeks.  Be gentle with yourself but create a check-in system or an accountability system that you will remember at the beginning, middle, and end of the day.  Just doing these three time frames will help you remember more often!


  • Baby Step 2 

Intend daily on being AWARE of your thought patterns.  When you catch yourself thinking about things that trigger unwanted negative thoughts, stress, self-loathing, self-doubt, self-criticism, fake arguments with people, etc… STOP!!  


Master Baby Steps 1 & 2.  Practice, practice, practice. Persistence is the key.  These thought patterns, habits, and mindsets have been with you since inception.  It must become second nature for you to be aware of your emotions and thoughts.


  • Baby Step 3 

Create positive, feel-good affirmations and redirect your thoughts immediately!  Adding this step to your new thought process could take a few weeks or a few months.  Be patient with yourself and don’t get frustrated. Your resolve will attract more of the thought patterns and emotions you want.  When you are easy, gentle, and self-loving, you will win!!  

These are the paradigm shifts that must happen if you are going to be a new person who used to be overweight but will never be that way again. 



Get over it?

You absolutely will!  

And so will I!!


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