Healthy through the Holidays

Successfully dieting through the holidays or special events is always a topic of conversation around this time of year.

So this blog will address how to successfully stay on track and reach your goal if you are dieting during the holiday season.

  1. Be prepared.
  2. Make it fun and delicious.
  3. Adjust your mindset.
  4. Support your goal with extra visual reminders.


Be prepared:  Since this time of year is filled with gatherings and events which are food and drink-centric, have your meals prepped ahead of time. Being diligent about this will help you be ready for situations where you might need to bring your food with you. 

If you come home later than expected, having food already portioned and made is a lifesaver especially if it’s later than usual and you are extra hungry. 

Be prepared when you have to eat out.  Because the BTM2 food lists consist of whole foods, you can easily eat out on this program.  

  • Make sure you know what the venue is serving and how it is prepared.  
  • You’ll want to ensure all sauces or oils are on the side or not at all.
  • Bring your own dressing or condiments with you in a little container if you want extra, approved flavor.
  • Always ask for a take-out container so you can take the portion you need and put the rest in the container.  Out of sight, out of mind.


Make it fun and delicious: The holidays are filled with familiar flavors, smells, and family favorite foods that many of us only make once a year.  These traditional foods can be triggers for us – both physically and emotionally.  Our online recipes are filled with ideas that mimic party and holiday favorites. 

So take the extra time to cook some of them. Try new recipes that include some of those traditional flavors like cinnamon, sage, and gravy. Don’t just eat the same thing you have been eating on low cal.  The holidays are for trying new recipes, so do that when you’re on the program.  If you don’t you could feel like you are missing out or punishing yourself.  Check out our online recipes for more inspiration here!


Adjust your mindset: You’re not saying no. You’re just saying “not right now.”

  • When I did the diet the first time, I was not going to let Thanksgiving get in the way of my goal. So when my mother-in-law offered me a plate, I told her I would take it home and freeze it. A couple of months later when I was done with Step 4, I thawed out my Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious. 
  • Make the holiday about family, friends, and fun. Not the food.
  • Go to the event with the intention of focusing on what you CAN have – not what you cannot.
  • Recognize that you CAN have whatever you want, but you are CHOOSING not to do this because of your reasons for wanting to lose weight.


Support your goal with extra visual reminders.  Let’s be real here. The holidays bring on huge temptations for people – delicious food, lots of events, busy schedules, and let’s not forget about the family members you have to hang with that you might like or miss people that you have lost.  The physical, mental, and emotional triggers are at an all-time high, so give yourself some extra support. 

Hang up notes around the house, on the fridge, on your mirror, in your car or in your office/ work space that remind you of your weight goal, how you want to feel, and what you want to wear.  Buy yourself something new that you want to wear out when you are the size you’ve been reaching for.  This last tip is really important, so try it if you want!

Happy Holidays and happy losing!

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