Four Weight Loss to Wellness Tools

Our mission is to bring our clients from Weight Loss to Wellness. We know that no diet will change why we eat. We also know that new lifestyle habits, mindset, and perspective are what begin this process.  We help our clients become more aware, conscious, decision-makers, who learn how to routinely place value on themselves. We do this by educating, empowering, and encouraging our clients to incorporate the following wellness tools into their daily lives.

Tool #1 – Take a Timeout!

It is very important to take time out for yourself.  Whether you are at work and need to take 5 minutes, about to get out of your car before going into the house, or taking quiet time for yourself after dinner is made. It is vital to unplug from the world to just sit and be. 

You can meditate alone or do a guided meditation. You can connect with nature, listen to soft music, sit and breathe. Your goal is to just unplug and be still!

Tool #2 – Be Proactive, set your Intentions!

The second tool we encourage our clients to use is setting intentions.  Before you begin a new activity, a new goal, or go from one thing to another within a day, set your intentions.  Set your intentions for starting this diet.  Set your intention before walking into work or having an important conversation with someone. Put the positive energy out in front of you in all you do.

For example, “I’m having a great day today. I have focus and clarity about everything I want to accomplish. All interactions with my co-workers will be productive and positive today!”

Tool #3 – Direct your Energy.

Setting your intentions is a great example of how to direct your energy.  We all have the ability to become mindful masters at doing this. But, too many times we go through our day recycling negative interactions, creating worst-case scenarios that haven’t even happened yet, or holding the same thoughts and feelings for people we have come into contact with.  These patterns leave us feeling drained or mentally or emotionally exhausted, and before we know it, we are moody, tired, and have no motivation to do anything for ourselves.  

To direct and reclaim your energy, use this simple technique of what we call, “Cutting the Cords.” By cords, we mean energetic connections that are created between people or circumstances which emotionally tie us up.  When you realize you are connected to a draining person, situation, or even an unsupportive personal habit, you can cut the unwanted cords/connections that were established. 

Visualize yourself taking your hand and gently running it along your front, your back, your sides, above your head, and at your feet. This symbolizes cutting off the sources from which your energy was being drained and directs your energy back to you. Cutting the cords brings you more clarity, peace of mind, and energy!  

This exercise can be done any time like before or after: an important meeting, work, an intense conversation with someone, or a lot of interaction with many people.

Tool #4 – Power into the Positive

The last tool we encourage our clients to use is called “Power into the Positive.”  This is all about focusing your energy on what you want and only what you want.  What does this look like?  

“I love drinking my water every day and hydrating myself.  I know that finishing my water is so good for me and I love knowing that toxins are leaving my body with every sip.” 

This is far different from, “I will not forget to drink my water.” Or, “I need to finish my water.”

With the second group of affirmations, you are acknowledging a past issue. Those affirmations have the energy of frustration and need. Verses the first group of affirmations projecting feeling good and expecting to accomplish your goals. So, place your power into the positive perspective and mindset.  Every time you do this, you are paving the way for more of that to come the next day.

I believe you only have right now to make changes.  So, every time you remember and speak to “the now” you are taking steps to create a new future with more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Happy Losing!  Not only weight but old mindsets, bad habits, and unsupportive belief systems.

We love seeing less of you!

Nan & The BTM2 Team

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  1. Barbara Milioto says

    Once you get yourself prepared on your foods and water just follow through and you will me amazed at just a short time how great you feel.
    wishing you all the mindset you need to better living and health.

    • Mikayla DeGroat says

      Hey Barbara! Thank you for your advice and encouragement for other Breakthroughers. 🙂 This was a beautiful comment!