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Dual Weight Management System


Dual Weight Management System




These are our BTM2 Drops, the main catalyst of profound, natural weight loss! 

Our Dual Weight Management System has two components:

Breakthrough M2’s Integrated Aminos® Drops are a hormone-free, pure protein blend of amino acids that help support the body throughout the weight loss process.

Some functions of the Integrated Aminos® include: 

  • metabolizes fat
  • metabolic control of cell function
  • blood flow and circulation
  • heart, brain, and nervous system support
  • muscle protection and recovery
  • protein construction
  • tissue repair
  • healthy sleep
  • reduction of sugar cravings
  • liver and kidney support
  • thyroid and adrenal support

Breakthrough M2’s Homeopathic Platinum® Drops are all natural and designed to fully support the mind, body and spirit during weight loss. 

Our Homeopathic Platinum® Drops are specially formulated for women and men. Both include very specific homeopathic remedies to help target female and male needs while losing weight.

Some functions of the Women’s and Men’s Homeopathic Platinum® Drops include: 

  • hypothalamus support
  • appetite balance 
  • digestive support
  • detoxification and drainage
  • fat breakdown and waste product elimination
  • mood stability and mental stamina
  • thyroid and adrenal support
  • liver, pancreas, and kidney support
  • reduction of fatigue 
  • healthy energy levels
  • reduction of sugar cravings
  • support of proper potassium levels
  • iron absorption

The BTM2 Drops are ALL NATURAL to the body:

  • NO Herbs
  • NO Caffeine 
  • NO Stimulants
  • NO Appetite Suppressants  
  • NO Interference with Medications

Potassium and Methylcobalamin B-12 are NOT included with this product. These additional supplements are necessary for continual body support during Step 2 Low Calorie. 

The M2 Manual is NOT included with this product. For existing members, a downloadable version of the manual can be found on your Online Dashboard.

This product is for existing Breakthrough M2 Members only. 

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