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**New Client Starter Package


**New Client Starter Package



**Very Important: this product does not ship to NEW clients unless a phone consult has been completed.  To ensure quick shipping, please sign up for a phone consult from our website before placing your order.

Returning clients will be considered a NEW client if it has been one year or longer since you have done our program. 

This package includes:

Our Dual Weight Management System has two components:

Breakthrough M2’s Integrated Aminos® has ALL the active amino acids which are found in the HCG hormone – but NOT the actual hormone.

These amino acids are pure protein and support the entire body. They can all be researched, but here are the functions of these amino acids: protein builder and construction, blood flow and circulation, metabolic control of cell function, muscle protection and recovery, brain and nervous system support, healthy sleep, tissue repair, reduce sugar cravings, supports heart, metabolizes fat, liver and kidney support, thyroid and adrenal functions, and the BCAA (trio).

Breakthrough M2’s Homeopathic Platinum® weight management supplement is powerful. It is designed to not only be a full body support during weight loss but an emotional and mental support as well. The homeopathic ingredients, including cell salts that are used in BOTH the Men’s and Women’s Breakthrough M2 Platinum supplement, support liver and kidney functions such as fat breakdown and waste product elimination, detoxification and drainage, the adrenal glands, the lowering of sugar cravings, proper potassium levels, the hypothalamus, the pancreas, proper digestion, iron absorption, glandular support, a stable mood, and lessens fatigue.

We have one for men and one for women both with very specific homeopathic remedies to help target male and female needs while losing weight.