Amalia’s meringue (sweet or salty snack)

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Egg whites
This recipe must be made when eating eggs as your protein on low cal/step 2 1.) In a small glass bowl separate 1 or 2 egg whites 2.) Before whipping... Open a stevia sweetener packet (*not liquid) *1 packet per egg white 3.) whip egg white(s) on med-high speed until you see eggs begin to form a peak when you stop mixing. 4.) sprinkle in the stevia sweetener packet and then continue to whip the egg white(s) until sweetener is mixed in*(don’t over mix) No more that 20 seconds. 5.) using a spatula place the mixture in a ziplock bag, Seal and cut off one of the corner tip. 6.) in a small tray lined with parchment paper, pipe the mixture building up in a circular motion. 7.) bake in a toaster oven between 275’ - 325’ (for 15-20 minutes Depending on your toaster oven) * if you want more crunchy meringue leave in a few extra minutes Once finished plate on a fun dish and enjoy 😉 *Don't forget to cook your other egg(s) with this serving
Optional Ideas
Following previous instructions: You can also pipe the egg mixture ( without the stevia sweetener) into straight lines/rows to create meringue puffs After baking: season the puffs with pink salt, smoked sea salt, everything bagel seasoning, or any approved dry seasoning. A good substitute for cheese puffs or chips Cravings Enjoy

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