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The Clean Slate

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This is Breakthrough M2’s foundation of weight loss and MORE! 

Looking for weight loss and an added boost of support?

This is the package for you!

This package includes:

PLUS… The Core Four Supportive Supplements:

  • Digest Pro Digestive Enzyme Formula  supports better digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Breakthrough CalMag-C – supports better sleep, mood stability, digestion & muscle relaxation
  • Whole Life Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Formula – contains 20 key nutrients for daily nutritional support
  • Ultra Colon Cleanse + Detox – supports digestion, detoxification, and gentle elimination



Our Dual Weight Management System has two components:

Breakthrough M2’s Integrated Aminos® Drops are a hormone-free, pure protein blend of amino acids that help support the body throughout the weight loss process.

Breakthrough M2’s Homeopathic Platinum® Drops are all natural and designed to support the mind, body, and spirit during weight loss.

The BTM2 Drops are ALL NATURAL to the body:

  • NO Herbs
  • NO Caffeine 
  • NO Stimulants
  • NO Appetite Suppressants  
  • NO Interference with Medications

How long do the BTM2 Drops (Dual Weight Management System) last? 
  • One set provides 5-6 weeks of weight loss support. 
How long will I be on the Breakthrough M2 Weight Loss program? 
  • Step 1 Prep Week: 7 days
  • Step 2 Low Calorie (Weight Loss): ranges between 21 days up to 90 days
  • Step 3 Exit Days: 2 days
  • Step 4 Transition: 3-6 weeks

*These time frames will vary based on individual weight loss goals. 

What are the average results of Breakthrough M2 Members? 
  • Following the guidelines of our weight loss program while taking the BTM2 Drops, clients may experience these typical results:

Always consult your health care provider when considering supplements.

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